By: Cheyenne

Narrator: Okay, this time we're all going to TRY to do the play Cinderella. *mutters to himself* Though I doubt we'll succeed.

Dinobot: Cinderella?! How come we never do any manly plays?

Blackarachnia: Because we don't have any manly men, lizardbreath. *Dinobot glares at her. Airazor stifles a giggle.*

N: Quiet! The last thing I need is another fight between you buffoons.

BA: *stubbornly* That's Miss Buffoon to you.

N: *rolling her eyes* Whatever. Okay, here are the part assignments. Airazor, you're Cinderella *Airazor smiles*, BA, you're one of the stepsisters. And, uh, since we're out of girls, Tarantulas, you're the other stepsister, and Dinobot, you're the stepmother.

DB, Tarantulas, & Megatron: What?!

N: *Ignores their outburst. Tosses costumes to the four with assigned parts* Here's your costumes; put them on.

MG: *gapes at DB's costume as the raptor walks by* Hey! His dress is silky...and PURPLE!!! *stamps his foot* It's not fair! I want to be the stepmother! *he jumps up and down like a spoilt child, screaming "I want it! I want it! I want it!"

N: Relax, MG, I casted you as the fairy godmother.

MG: *stops jumping and glares at the Narrator suspiciously* Do I get a pretty dress?

N: *nods his head* And a wand and a tiara.

MG: *stands up straight and tries to look indignant* Well, then, I guess I can forgive you this one time. *he takes the costume and goes to change*

DB, BA, AR, and TA return from changing. The girls don't look too bad, but Tarantulas looks like a stuffed mattress and Dinobot looks just plain silly. The Narrator takes one look at Dinobot and hides a smile behind his clipboard. Rattrap looks at him and bursts out laughing.

RT: Haha! Look at Chopperface! He's even uglier as a woman! *Dinobot growls and starts heading towards the vermin, murder in his optic sensors. The Narrator steps in between them and stops Dinobot*

N: I wouldn't be laughing, Rattrap, I casted you as the Prince. *N hands RT a costume*

RT: The Prince? *looks at the costume in dismay* I hafta wear tights? *He groans as Dinobot begins laughing hysterically.*

Airazor: *aghast* Wait a cycle? You mean I have to kiss *she shudders* Rattrap?

RT: Hey! I didn't think about that! *he starts walking towards Airazor, arms outstretched* Pucker up, Bird-lady, I'm coming for my kiss. *Airazor screams and runs behind Tigatron. Tigatron glares at Rattrap and Rattrap stops in his tracks.*

Megatron suddenly enters wearing his costume. He struts in the room in what he thinks is an elegant walk. It's not. He stops beside Terrorsaur, whose snickering.

Terrorsaur: That's quite a hitch in your get-up, you got there, Megatron.

MG: *he bops TR on the head with his wand* Quiet, fool. *he sniffs and straightens his tiara* You're just jealous because I have a part in the play and you don't.

N: *rolls his eyes* Okay, now that that's settled, Dinobot, here's your ax.

DB: Ax? *he takes the ax*

AR: Since when does a stepmother carry around an ax? *suddenly scared* She doesn't chop Cinderella into little pieces, does she?

N: Actually, in the original version of Cinderella, the stepmother cuts off bits of the stepsisters' feet when they don't fit into the glass slippers.

DB: Reeeally. *gets an evil glint in his eyes as he hefts the ax and turns towards the spiders* I think we should practice that part first.

BA gasps. Tarantulas shrieks like a girl. They began running for their lives with Dinobot close at their heels. The Narrator groans.

MG: *pouting as he watches DB chase the spiders* I KNEW the part of the stepmother was better.