The Lost Pokemon
By: Scaleblade

"Dratini is such a weak Pokemon! I'm getting' rid of it!" A boy said in an Australian like accent as he took out a red and white ball.

"So like what are you going to do with it?" Another boy asked.

"I'm throwing it away." The first boy said as he threw the red and white ball away. The group of boys that the boy who threw away the ball was in all laughed as they left to catch more Pokemon, but little did they know a strange portal was behind them. The Australian accented boy threw the red and white ball right into the portal.

"Maximals! Attack!" Optimas yelled to his maximals as they were defending the maximal base from predacon intruders.

"Open fire!" Megatron yelled to the predacons around him. Both sides were erupting missiles and lasers at each other. Some missing and some hitting.

"Where are Tarantulas and Scaleblade?" Rampage asked as he continued fire.

"They're in his secret lair, somewhere. They're memorizing something called Pokemon." Megatron answered.

"Why aren't they helping us destroy the maximals, Royalty?" Inferno asked as he ceased fire to take a breather.

"They didn't want to come." Megatron said as he shot Optimas. "I have an idea! Let's just leave since we're going to lose anyway." Megatron said as he gave the sign to retreat.

Tarantulas's lair

"Ok, this is Bellsprout, the flower Pokemon. It evolves into Weepinbell, whom evolves into Victreebell." Scaleblade pointed to a flowerlike animal.

"Ok, got that." Tarantulas continued mixing chemicals.

"Then next to Victreebell, is Tentacool, the water Pokemon. It evolves into Tentacruel" Scaleblade pointed to two squid like Pokemon. "Ok, that's enough Pokemon." Scaleblade rolled up her poster of all the Pokemon.

"Tarantulas. Scaleblade. Why do you never want to help us battle maximals?" Megatron rudely interrupted Scaleblade and Tarantulas's work.

"We don't want to fight." Tarantulas answered.

"Yeah! So you can march your little scaled butt back to the pits!" Scaleblade made a cunning remark.

"I wouldn't talk Scaleblade." Megatron sorta made a funny.

"You wanta do somethin' 'bout that?!" Scaleblade instantly called fireballs into her hand.

"Don't start anything you can't finish." Megatron shot Scaleblade with his Dino Laser of Doom.

"That's it. You're dead!" Scaleblade said as she drew towards the shadows. Swiftly Scaleblade ran up to Megatron. Not making a sound. As soon as she was right behind the unsuspecting Megatron she kicked him in the back of his head, then shot him with her flame-thrower, picked him up by the neck then started punching the mech fluid out of him as well as choking her commander.

"Scaleblade. That's enough. You've proved your point that you're better then him." Tarantulas gave the signal to stop. Scaleblade dropped Megatron then quickly snuck another shoot at him then went back to mixing chemicals with Tarantulas.

Maximal base

"Well, that was a strange battle. As soon as we started Megatron retreated." Rhinox commented.

"Ahh, he probably knows he's going to lose. Hey Cheetor. Hey are you keeping Scaleblade's helmet thingy?" Rat-trap asked the robot next to him.

"It looks neat. Scaleblade has good taste in armor." Cheetor commented Scaleblade.

"Cheetor likes Scaleblade!" Rat-trap announced.

"He does not!" Air-razor yelled.

"Air-razor likes Cheetor!" Rat-trap sang.

"She does not!" Rhinox yelled.

"Rhinox likes Air-razor!" Rat-trap sang again.

"Shut up Rat-trap!" Every maximal yelled.

"Sorry." Rat-trap's head drooped.

The Forest

Scaleblade was happily in her forest demain. She was practicing her karate. Suddenly she tripped over a stick and landed in some bushes. Then she found something, she picked it up and without showing the camera of what she had, she flew off.

Tarantulas's lab

"Tarantulas!" Scaleblade yelled.

"What is it?" Tarantulas asked.

"Look! Look what I found!" Scaleblade opened her hand to reveal a small red and white ball.

"What is it?" Tarantulas asked.

"It's a pokeball! Here I'll enlarge it." Scaleblade pushed the button in the front and the pokeball grew larger. "I wonder if there's a Pokemon in it." Scaleblade got ready the throw the ball. "Pokeball! Go!" Scaleblade yelled and she threw the ball. It hit the ground and it opened and out popped Dratini! "Oh my God! It's Dratini! My Fav Pokemon!" Scaleblade yelled very excited. The Dratini didn't know who anyone was but Scaleblade transformed to beast mode and it thought she was a dragonite so it slithered to Scaleblade's back and fell asleep. Scaleblade picked it up by her tail and put it back on the floor then sat beside it. The Dratini gave a little growl then fell asleep again.

The next day

Scaleblade walked around with Dratini in search for something it can eat. "What do you want Dratini?" Scaleblade asked her Pokemon. It gave some cute growls in Scaleblade's ear. "You want some fish?" Scaleblade confirmed. Dratini gave a nod in agreement. "Ok." Scaleblade pulled out three fish out of the refrigerator and gave one to Dratini who gobbled it up quickly. "You must have been there awhile." Scaleblade said the snake-like dragon on her shoulder. Dratini gave some more gurgles in happiness. Scaleblade pet it then Megatron showed up.

"I've come back for a rematch." Megatron said eyeing the Dratini on her shoulder.

"Ok, Dratini! Go!" Scaleblade yelled. Dratini went in front of Megatron. It didn't seem scared but it was slightly scared. "Dratini! Hydro Pump!" Scaleblade commanded. Suddenly two HUGE spouts of water blew Megatron away. Dratini gave some more cute growls in gesture and went back to Scaleblade's shoulder. "Great job. You earned yourself another fish." Scaleblade complemented as she gave the Pokemon a fish. Once again it quickly ate the fish.

Maximal base

"Oh, I gotta make a cunning remark!" Rat-trap yelled. "Someone make fun of me! Dinobot! Save me!" Rat-trap yelled as he started to go insane.

"No, I will not help a vermin." Dinobot crossed his arms

"Pllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee!" Rat-trap begged.

"Rat-trap! Sit down!" Optimas yelled.

"Ok, ok. I'm going to sit down now and I'm not going to say a word." Rat-trap sat down.

"Great, the preds outnumber us and Rat-trap's going insane. How much more luck can we get?" Cheetor complained.

"Let's hope nothing else happens." Optimas said as he waddled to his quarters.

Scaleblade's room

Scaleblade is quietly typing and clicking on her computer. "Ok, now the materials to make hyper potions: Rodemary leaves, Crimson binds, and Figary fruit. Hmm, this shouldn't be so hard. Tarantulas has a whole store room of herbs. Dratini! I choose you!" Scaleblade released her pokeball. Dratini gave a couple of cute growls and squirms onto Scaleblade's shoulder. "Are you help me look for those herbs?" Scaleblade asked. Dratini nodded. "Then let's go!" Scaleblade ran out of her room, forgetting to turn the Internet off.

Tarantulas's herb store room

"Rocary leaves, Rosemary leaves, Roemary leaves, Aha! Rodemary leaves. What Dratini? You found Crimson binds? Great! Now we need to find Figary fruit." Scaleblade went to the F shelf. "Finary fruit, Figs? Strange. Fruit of Salamander? Weird. Ah, here it is. Figary fruit. Well, we have all three ingredients, lets mix them together to make hyper potions." Scaleblade let Dratini back on her shoulder. And once again they ran off.

Predacon base

"Waspinator, we have to keep Scaleblade under control, recently she keeps on attacking me." Megatron complained.

"So, why should I care? She wants to attack you; she wants to attack you. It's outta my hands." Waspinator resumed his work.

"What I meant about that is not to have her so wild!" Megatron yelled.

"She was always like that. I don't want to change her." Waspinator said back.

"I don't get this. She was about to attack you before and you want her to stay like that?" Megatron asked.

"That was because we were mad at each other!" Waspinator yelled and flew off.

"Should I slag him for yelling at the royalty, My queen?" Inferno asked. Megatron just left in the direction of Tarantulas's lair.

Tarantulas's lair

"What on Cybertron are you doing Scaleblade?" Tarantulas asked.

"I'm making hyper potions. They heal a wounded Pokemon." Scaleblade continued mixing herbs and chemicals.

"Why?" Tarantulas asked again. "You can't expect Dratini t stay healthy forever. It can get sick and stuff." Scaleblade answered as she put a bottle on the shelf with many others.

"Ok, but why so many?" Tarantulas asked one more time.

"When it comes to healing, be prepared." Scaleblade went back to mixing.

"Well, I have to finish some research." Tarantulas left.

A half hour later……..

"Finally, I'm done." Scaleblade turned on the main computer. "Computer, activate game, Senet." Scaleblade ordered.

"Acknowledged." The computer confirmed. Not long after that, a screen popped up with an Ancient Egyptian board, with two kinds of pieces, white and brown. Obviously an ancient Egyptian game.

"So computer, would you like to play easy, medium, hard, or expert?" Scaleblade asked the computer.

"Hard." The computer answered.

"Ok, if that's your choice. We'll begin." Scaleblade smirked. "After this, I think I'll try to beat Tarantulas's score in Virtual Killer." Scaleblade moved one of her pieces and rolled again.

Hours later……

Megatron is sneaking around. It's so dark, he can't see his way through. Suddenly s bloodcurdling scream was heard. Megatron stopped. "What is going on in there?" Megatron asked himself quietly. Then a gunshot was heard. Megatron once again stopped and slightly shivered. "This is getting weird" Megatron regained his courage and continued. Then both Scaleblade and Tarantulas's evil, insane laugh rang threw the hallways. This time Megatron shaked even more. "What horrid experiments are they doing in there?" Megatron asked himself again. He continued walking. Finally he reached the main hall. There was Scaleblade and Tarantulas, Fighting as if they were mad. Well, actually they are insane so it's not like that is a surprise. Scaleblade had her lightsabre out, but it was not activated. And Tarantulas was had his gun out and was pretending to fire but her wasn't.

"You cannot destroy me!" Scaleblade yelled and swung her unactivated lightsabre as if she was hitting Tarantulas, then the strangest thing happened, Tarantulas fell as if he was actually got hurt then after a couple seconds he got back up.

"You forget I am not so easily defeated!" Tarantulas so called shot his cluster bombs at Scaleblade, she fell and didn't go back up.

"You killed her!" Megatron yelled.

"What?" Tarantulas asked.

"You killed her! You killed Scaleblade!" Megatron armed his tail gun.

"Computer, Virtual Killer. Offline. No I didn't" Tarantulas took something off his head.

"Why is she on the floor? She looks pretty dead to me!" Megatron targeted Tarantulas.

"It's a side effect of this game, Virtual Killer. She'll get out of that in a second." Tarantulas said.

"Yeah, I'll be out in a second." Scaleblade's voice was heard.

"See? Well, anyway. Why are you here?" Tarantulas asked.

"I'm going to practice more. Ok?" Scaleblade asked as she turned on the game.

"I came here to teach Scaleblade some discipline." Megatron answered.

"Did Waspinator approve of this?" Tarantulas asked.

"No. I…" Megatron started.

"You will not. I was told by Waspinator, himself, that I was to watch over Scaleblade as an apprentice." Tarantulas interrupted.

"If she is not taught proper manners she will surely go insane! Not like she isn't already." Megatron bellowed. Dratini let out a few growls and got ready to attack.

"As long as I am protecting Scaleblade, you won't be able to get near to her." Tarantulas threatened. "Dratini! Psychic!" Tarantulas ordered. Suddenly Dratini let a colorful flash came from Dratini's eyes and Megatron was blasted away. "Scaleblade isn't the only one who can command Dratini. Ok, now where were we?" Tarantulas put his Virtual Reality helmet back on.