Interview with a Predacon
By: Mako

Mako here with the first of a possible series of interviews with the cast and characters of the recently ended TV show "Beast Wars"

"I'm here with Megatron in the Mainframe CGI studio where he was first given form."

Megs: "Good to be here, Mako, yess."

"Megatron, first, could you give us your plans for the future..."

Megs: "Of course. Well, currently, I've been signed on for another sequel to Beast Wars, called Beast Machines. I'm also expanding my repitoir by experimenting with the arts and great plays, yesss."

"I see. What is your inside opinion of Beast Machines?"

Megs: "Well, frankly, the writers and our union (Cybertronians United- Mako) had a little tiff over several casting assignments and new CGI forms, but we did get a signing bonus and severance pay for those who wouldn't be with us for the next season."

"Creatively, I mean. How do you see Beast Machines going in the next year?"

"That's hard to tell Mako," Megatron sips some tea, "but I have confidence that our fans and supporters out there will back the new format and setting. Personally, I'm excited, yesss."

"Recently, photos of your new body for BM have been circulating over the internet. Any comment about this?"

"By contract, we're not allowed to discuss the nature of our new forms, but in THAT picture, the lighting and everything was messed up. It was my first time in the CGI form and that's why it came out so badly. In reality, it doesn't look that bad, no."

"You mentioned expanding your resume..."

"Yesss, I'm currently signed on for several plays on Cybertron, including "Omicron's Fear", "A Million ways to kill a Maximal", and "Le Transforme'r."

"Have you always wanted a career in the fine arts?"

"Since I was a little spark, I've always had certain dramatic and cultural leanings. I always try to bring that into the characters I play, yes.."

"There have been rumors circulating about cross-dressing..."

"No. I am not some kind of drag queen and I do not cross-dress. Frankly I'm offended by the whole notion."

"Glad you cleared that up. Now, is it true that you and Inferno had a big argument on the last day of shooting?"

"Yes... Inferno was going on and on about his character being ruined and underdeveloped while I got a new form, and then, when his character got killed off by a bunch of apes, well, Inferno just tore up the script and I swear, he was ready to burn the whole place down. I'd never saw him so angry."

"Terrible. Do you have any regrets about your character?"

"Actually yes. Frankly, I think too much of the script was designed with cheap comedy in mind. The lack of consistency and real development in my character really stunted his potential growth. The whole two megatrons in one body was a creative goldmine, but the writers and producers just didn't see it, no..."

"Ok. Are you and Airazor 'just friends'?"

"Good friends. When she left us in season two I really felt for her. As a character, she was totally underappreciated, yesss. The whole show really would have benefited from another strong female role model, in my opinion."

"A lot of people feel that way. Are your long range plans still galactic conquest?"

"Yes, Of course. But right now my schedule looks pretty crowded so... you know how busy the life of a villain is. It leaves precious little free time for your personal life, no.."

"Are you planning on moving to Cybertron for the shooting?"

"I'll wave to. Otherwise the commute from predacon space is just too taxing on a day by day basis."

"What's your personal opinion of the non aligned groups not involved in the maximal/predacon feud?"

"I don't like them. You can't be completely neutral in a situation like this. Now... I have quite a few good maximal friends, but first and foremost I'm a predacon. If open war Really broke out, well..."

"I know how you feel. Two questions then."


"First: Airazor or Blackarachnia?"

"hmm.... I'd say Airazor."

"Ok, now: Green or Purple?"

"Purple. Of course."

Mako: "Thanks for the interview!"

"Glad to be able to set the record straight."