By: Silverblade

Narrator: Ok, time to start another play, and THIS time, don't burn down the place in the process!, do you realize how much that cost me? Anyway, here is everyone's parts, Optimus, you get to be the whale.

Optimus: Man, I finally get a part, and it's A WHALE?! I'm really good at SPEAKING parts you know *starts spouting off lines from Romeo and Juliet*

Narrator: Ok... OK! That's enough, I believe you, but you still have to be a whale.

Optimus: Awwwwww.. *slumps down in a corner*

Narrator: Ok, Rattrap, you get to be Pinocchio!

Rattrap: Oh YAY! What a GREAT part... I get to be some wooden freak.... *babbles on about how he gets all the stupid parts*

Narrator: *sigh* Whatever. Tarantulas, you get to be the 'father'.

Tarantulas: *sarcastically* Oh, YAY!

Narrator: Ok now....

Megatron: Oooh! Oooh! Do I get to be a girl again?????? Do I get to wear a dress??? PLEEEEEEAAASSSEEE???

Narrator: No, actually, you don't have a part in this play.

Megatron: No fair!!! *sulks off to the dressing room*

Narrator: Ok! This is the scene where Pinocchio and his father get swallowed by the whale...

Optimus, Rattrap, & Tarantulas: WHAT???!!!

Narrator: You heard me, Optimus, just pretend to swallow them, you know, just hold 'em in your mouth.

Optimus: No way! Look at them, they're filthy! I'm NOT gonna put them in my mouth, they're full of germs!

Rattrap & Tarantulas: HEY!

Optimus: No offense, but it is true!

Narrator: Just do it now...

Tarantulas: I'll kill you for that!!!

Rattrap: Don't you hurt Optimus!... *all three get into one big fight.

Megatron: *comes out wearing a pink dress, looking a little sheepish* I ripped a dress, can you fix it? *he shows her a BIG rip in the back*

Narrator: NO!!!!! Just pay for it! *looks around, the building is burning yet again...*

~five minutes later, the building is gone~

Narrator: HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TWICE IN A ROW??!!!!! *looks around suddenly afraid* the Building owners said that they had a special torture for us if we did this again...

*they suddenly hear in the distance.. shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty...

Richard Simmons: Ok! It's time to shake you booties!

Everyone: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Run!! RUN!!!!!! *they all dash away, but Megatron, who is dancing to the music in his ripped dress*

Megatron: OOOooooh! This is FUN!!!