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Manny Albam LPs

Georgie Auld CDs
Georgie Auld 45s and EPs
Georgie Auld LPs

The Axidentals 45s
The Axidentals LPs

Charlie Barnet CDs
Charlie Barnet 45s and EPs
Charlie Barnet 78s
Charlie Barnet LPs

Harry Belafonte CDs
Harry Belafonte 45s and EPs
Harry Belafonte LPs

Louis Bellson CDs
Louis Bellson 45s and EPs
Louis Bellson 78s
Louis Bellson LPs

Wayne Bergeron CDs

Milt Bernhart CDs
Milt Bernhart 45s and EPs
Milt Bernhart LPs

Elmer Bernstein CDs
Elmer Bernstein LPs

Buddy Bregman CDs
Buddy Bregman LPs

Gustav Brom CDs
Gustav Brom LPs

Clifford Brown CDs
Clifford Brown 45s and EPs
Clifford Brown LPs

Kay Brown 45s

Sonny Burke CDs
Sonny Burke 45s and EPs

Sascha Burland LPs

Ike Carpenter 45s
Ike Carpenter 78s
Ike Carpenter LPs

Chicago CDs
Chicago 45s
Chicago 12" Singles
Chicago LPs

June Christy CDs
June Christy 45s
June Christy 10" LPs
June Christy LPs

Nat King Cole CDs

Bing Crosby CDs
Bing Crosby 45s
Bing Crosby LPs

Gary Crosby 45s

Sammy Davis Jr. and Carmen McRae CDs
Sammy Davis Jr. and Carmen McRae LPs

The de Castro Sisters CDs
The de Castro Sisters 45s

Jimmy Dorsey CDs
Jimmy Dorsey LPs

Esquivel CDs
Esquivel LPs

Fania All-Stars CDs
Fania All-Stars LPs

Frances Faye CDs
Frances Faye 45s
Frances Faye LPs

Jerry Fielding LPs

Ella Fitzgerald CDs
Ella Fitzgerald 45s and EPs
Ella Fitzgerald LPs

Russ Garcia CDs
Russ Garcia LPs

Red Grammer CDs

'Morris Grants' CDs
'Morris Grants' LPs

Alan Haven CDs
Alan Haven LPs

Marsha Hunt 45s

Salena Jones CDs

Jack Kane LPs

Bob Keene CDs
Bob Keene 10" LPs
Bob Keene LPs

Stan Kenton CDs
Stan Kenton 45s and EPs
Stan Kenton 78s
Stan Kenton 10" LPs
Stan Kenton LPs

Los Angeles Jazz Institute CDs

Jerry Lewis 45s and EPs
Jerry Lewis LPs

Vic Lewis LPs

Julie London LPs

Billy May 45s
Billy May 78s
Billy May LPs

Jack Millman CDs
Jack Millman 45s and EPs
Jack Millman LPs

Montreux All-Star CDs
Montreux All-Star LPs

Gerry Mulligan CDs

Vido Musso CDs
Vido Musso 45s
Vido Musso 78s
Vido Musso LPs

Paul Nero 45s and EPs
Paul Nero 10" LPs
Paul Nero LPs

New York Philharmonic Orchestra CDs
New York Philharmonic Orchestra LPs

Patti Page CDs
Patti Page LPs

Johnny Parker 78s

Tony Perkins LPs

Perez Prado CDs
Perez Prado 45s and EPs
Perez Prado LPs

Tito Puente CDs

Johnny Richards LPs

Max Roach LPs

Shorty Rogers CDs
Shorty Rogers 45s and EPs
Shorty Rogers 78s
Shorty Rogers 10" LPs
Shorty Rogers LPs

RTB Big Band LPs

Pete Rugolo CDs
Pete Rugolo 45s and EPs
Pete Rugolo 78s
Pete Rugolo 10" LPs
Pete Rugolo LPs

Howard Rumsey CDs
Howard Rumsey 45s
Howard Rumsey LPs

Sal Salvador LPs

Bud Shank CDs
Bud Shank 45s and EPs
Bud Shank 10" LPs
Bud Shank LPs

L. Subramaniam CDs
L. Subramaniam LPs

SWF Big Band LPs

SWR Big Band CDs

Sarah Vaughan CDs

Dinah Washington CDs
Dinah Washington 45s and EPs
Dinah Washington LPs

Ben Webster CDs
Ben Webster 45s and EPs
Ben Webster 78s
Ben Webster LPs

Soundtrack CDs
Soundtrack 45s and EPs
Soundtrack 78s
Soundtrack 10" LPs
Soundtrack LPs


Interesting CDs (NONE with Maynard)
Interesting LPs (NONE with Maynard)

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