Paul Nero 45s with Maynard Ferguson


Here's a RARE picture cover EP from the early '50s. Side one is the Lighthouse All Stars featuring Shorty Rogers, Jimmy Giuffre, Milt Berndart (sic), Shelly Manne, and Frank Patchen, and the tune is called "M.B.B." Side two is Maynard Ferguson, Bob Cooper, Abe Most, Irv Cottler, and Stan Fletcher on "Sweet Georgia Brown." This is apparently an edited version of the track of the same name from the Skylark 10" LP entitled Jam Session and led by Paul Nero. However, this EP is many times rarer than that Skylark LP!!! This is a ELITE GEM for only the most prestigious MF collections. I go out of my way to try to find these, and it's super hard to do!!!
COPY #1. The cover on this one looks great. The only problems are a little faded strip along the upper right edge, a 3" seam split at upper right, and a little surface and ring wear. Still, it's a relatively clean and nice copy. Let's call the cover EX. The vinyl is really clean and nice, with super clean labels. It plays with a little background noise, as do ALL copies of this EP, but it's relatively light. I'd rate the vinyl as EX++. Overall, this copy is a nice, solid EX+. It's $75.00.
COPY #2. This one has a very nice cover. There's just a little surface wear visible -- some on the front and back, and some on the seams. There's a 1" seam split at upper right, and a 1.5" seam split at lower right. Still, this is a very clean and nice little picture cover. I'd rate it as EX overall. The vinyl has a couple of scuffs, but otherwise is very clean and nice. The labels have zero sticker damage. It plays quite well, with just some of the typical surface noise you hear on all these 1950s-era 45s. I'd rate it as EX, as well. Overall, this is a nice, solid, EX copy of a very rare and desirable little EP. Yours for $60.00.
COPY #3. It's been almost two years since I found the last one, but I recently found another copy of this rare little EP. This one looks great. It's got a clean and nice cover, but on close inspection, we find a full 7" seam split at bottom that was taped at one time, and also a 3" seam split at upper right. These can, and probably should, be repaired, and I'll be glad to do it for you prior to shipping out this item. Due to these seam issues, an otherwise very clean and nice cover rates just an EX. The labels on this copy are perhaps the nicest I've seen -- LIKE NEW!!! The vinyl itself has some extremely light paper scuffs, but they're minimal, and it plays very nicely. I'd rate it as NMINT-. Overall, let's call this copy EX+. Due to the seam splits on the cover, I'll let this one go for just $65.00.
COPY #4. The picture cover is missing on this one, greatly reducing its value. The labels are quite nice. I played the Sweet George Brown side and the fidelity is quite good, but I did encounter two skips. I'm going to call this one POOR+. Due to the missing cover and condition of the vinyl, just $1.00.

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