Bud Shank 10-inch LPs with Maynard Ferguson


Back on 6/22/54, MF recorded this GREAT 10" LP with Bud Shank. Maynard is one of the "three trombones" on this LP. It was an instant classic. Today, I dare say this is one of THE top West Coast Jazz LPs for collectors interested in this era of jazz. As a result, it lists for $150.00 in NMINT condition. And it's WORTH IT!!! It's great jazz, the quality of the pressing and the cover is exceptional, and it's a great investment, highly sought after by jazz collectors world-wide, especially in Japan. This one cooks!!!
COPY #1. The cover on this one is super nice. There are no seam splits, no writing on the cover, or none of the other usual flaws. There is just a tiny amount of surface wear that you'd expect on an LP that dates to 1954, but it's incredibly minimal. NMINT. The vinyl has a couple of very small surface scuffs on each side, but they don't affect play, at all, and the vinyl easily rates a NMINT to NMINT+. It's great! Overall, this one is conservatively NMINT. A really beautiful copy. As I mentioned above, it lists for $150.00. I got a reasonable price on this copy, so I'll let it go for just $60.00. If you don't have one, I strongly encourage you to pick up this copy. BONUS: This LP will come with a CD which was transcribed directly from LP, so you will have a very nice CD backup copy that you can listen to, as well.
COPY #2. Here's just an average copy of this 10" LP. The cover on this copy shows qutie a bit of the typical record ring wear on the black cover. There's a tiny spot at upper left where it looks like some sort of writing (VERY small) was whited out. But there are no seam splits, tears, or other flaws on this LP that dates to 1954. It's quite decent, and I'd rate is just slightly better than average -- VG+. The vinyl has some definite condition issues, with numerous scuffs and surface scratches. It plays with light crackle throughout. It's at least GOOD. Overall, I'd rate this copy as VG- ... just a tad less than average. Listing for $150.00, this one is priced at a very reasonable $13.00. BONUS: This LP will come with a CD which was transcribed directly from LP, so you will have a very nice archive CD that you can listen to, as well.

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