Chicago CDs with Maynard Ferguson

CHICAGO, CHICAGO 13 -- Rhino R2 76182

By now, you've all heard the story, right? Back in 1979, Maynard and Chicago were across the hall from each other in the recording studio. He was recording the "Hot" album, and Chicago was recording "13." They invited Maynard over to jam with them on the track "Street Player," and here it is! Wow! Sort of jazz meets rock meets disco. You've GOT to have this one! BONUS: This is the 2003 re-issue CD, and it has an ALTERNATE MIX of Street Player along with the original mix. Very cool!
COPY #1. This is the first copy of this CD I've had for sale on the website. It's MINT, FACTORY SEALED. $10.00.
COPY #2. This one is MINT, FACTORY SEALED. $10.00.
COPY #3. This copy is USED, but like new -- NMINT++. $8.00.

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