Buddy Bregman LPs with Maynard Ferguson


You've probably seen a copy of the Swinging Kicks CD. If you have one, you're lucky. They sold out very quickly. This is the original LP! Dating to 1957, it's got Maynard wailing away on a number of tracks. It's also got a "cheesecake" cover of a model posing in a skimpy nightgown, and these are very popular with record collectors. The ones with "Verve" on the label are the original 1957 copies; those with "MGM" date to 1961. The former lists for $50.00 in NMINT condition. The latter lists for less, but in my experience, they're both extremely hard to find.
COPY #1. The cover on this one is clean and nice, with the only problems being some clear tape on the upper seam at the right edge, and a small bit of writing on the back. I'd rate this cover as EX+. The vinyl has a few light surface scratches. It's EX. Overall, this copy is in the EX range. It's yours for $12.00.

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