Perez Prado 45s with Maynard Ferguson


Here's MF on a beautiful little picture cover EP with the Perez Prado Orchestra. Tunes include The Freeway Mambo, Granada, Peanut Vendor, and Bacoa. Really swingin' Latin jazz! And this little EP is very, very hard to find. I seldom see a copy.
COPY #1. This is the first copy of this EP I've ever found to sell on this website. The cover on this one has nearly perfect front paper, solid, intact seams and spine, and just a little toning/staining around the edges on the back. It's still NMINT-. The disc is likewise a clean and nice NMINT-. Just a great little piece, it yours for $13.00.
COPY #2. The cover on this one is super clean and nice, with no significant flaws of any kind. It's NMINT to NMINT+. The vinyl is likewise NMINT to NMINT+!!! Just a super copy of a great little EP!!! Yours for $15.00.
COPY #3. The cover on this one is a clean and nice NMINT- to NMINT, with the only problem being just a bit of surface wear, mainly visible on the back cover. The vinyl is likewise NMINT- to NMINT. Just a super little copy, in overall NMINT- to NMINT condition. Yours for $14.00.


Most of you know that Perez Prado put out an LP in the mid-50's entitled Voodoo Suite, and that Maynard played on it. But did you know it also exists as a much rarer little 7" picture cover EP? Yes, and here it is. It's a two-disc, gatefold EP. It includes the Voodoo Suite in four parts -- one per side.
COPY #1. The cover on this has a 1" seam crack at bottom center on the front cover. It shows a bit of record ring wear, and overall surface wear, with a bit of toning around the edges of the cover. It's an EX- cover. The vinyl is VG to VG+. Overall, this copy is probably VG+ -- just a bit above average. Still, all in all, it's quite hard to come by. $6.00.
COPY #2. The cover on this one has a couple of seam cracks and a seam repair at top. There's a bit of surface wear visible, mainly on the front, and a record dealer's stick on the back. It's just VG. The vinyl is likewise VG. Yours for $3.00.

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