Milt Bernhart 45s with Maynard Ferguson


Most of you have probably heard about the LP version of this great brass album. Maynard plays euphonium on this one, and it's really a SUPER album. This is the EP version. It's a triple gatefold cover EP, and is EXTREMELY hard to find. I didn't even know about this existence of this EP until a few months ago. Since then, I've been looking for copies, but they're very, very hard to find. A rare one! Grab it while you can!
COPY #1. This is the very first copy of this EP I've ever had available for sale on this website. The front cover shows a bit of ring wear and there are two yellow stains along the right edge where transparent tape yellowed and was subsequently removed. There's also a tiny bit of cover paper missing under one of those tape stains. The three top seams each have small cracks in the centers. On the back, there's prominent record ring wear and general surface wear. I've been very picky in describing this cover, but it actually looks relatively nice, with the tape stains being the only real visual problem. I'd rate this cover as VG -- just average. The vinyl has some scuffs and very light scratches, and there's a heavy scratch on the beginning of track 1, side A. It plays through this passage just fine, with no skips, but there is a little crackle on each revolution for about the first 30 seconds. Otherwise, the vinyl is quite solid, sounds great, and easily rates an EX+. Even with the few problems I've noted, given its incredible rarity, I'd encourage one of you super collectors to get this copy as a collection completer, regardless of the condition. If I could find a NMINT copy, I'd ask $50.00. This copy, with the numerous small flaws, is yours for just $12.00.

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