Paul Nero 10-inch LPs with Maynard Ferguson


Here's Maynard back in the early 1950s in a live jam at The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach, California. Paul Nero is credited on the cover as being the leader of this session. You've heard of Maynard's piece "The Hot Canary?" Well here he plays on two tracks: Sweet Georgia Brown and "The Cool Canary Blues." Most of us own "The Hot Canary," but do you own the "Cool" one, too? Really great stuff. These LPs are incredibly hard to find, and are very rare and expensive. Also, for you advanced collectors out there, you should be looking for both known cover types. Cover Type 1 has the performer names on the front of the cover standing 2.75" tall, and on the back cover, the three small stars are hollow. Cover Type 2 has the performer names standing about 2.10" tall, and the three small stars on back are solid. Both are rare and highly collectible.


Here's Maynard back in the early 1950s in a live jam at The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach, California. There are 6 tracks on this LP, entitled "Maynard Ferguson," "Tony Rizzi," "Bob Cooper," "Paul Smith," "Nash Maez," and "Abe Most." These are excerpts of the solos from the Skylark 11 LP above. The packaging of this LP, however, is totally different, so it's a unique collectable. Very, EXTREMELY hard to find!!!
COPY #1. Here's the first copy of this LP I've ever sold in the fixed price section of this website. They're THAT rare!!! The cover on this one has some surface wear, front and back, and I had to carefully repair both seams. There are also a couple of small, light stains on the back of the cover. Still, given the fragility and rarity of these LPs, this is actually quite a nice copy. Let's call it EX-, but it's as good as any I've seen (which, admittedly, is only three copies). The disc has super clean, like-new labels. The vinyl on the side with track "Maynard Ferguson" is EX+. On the other side there are some parallel surface scratches, and it's only VG-. I played the track "Maynard Ferguson," and it sounds great, with just a bit of background noise. So, overall, let's call this copy EX-. Keep in mind, however, that this one is ultra rare in ANY condition, and you'd be super lucky to find one nicer. Priced at $65.00.
COPY #2. Just in, the cover on this one has "1.49" written in black grease pencil at upper right, and "78c" at right. Both have been mostly removed by some kind of solvent, but they can still be faintly seen on the cover. There's some slight surface wear on the front. Both the top and bottom seams are 100% split open. (I can repair those for you prior to shipping if you like.) On the back, more surface wear is visible, and although there are only 7 tracks on the LP, someone wrote "Track 7 Juanita Smith" in black in just below the Track 6 listing. Weird. There is no track 7 on the disc. So this cover is just GD ... below average. The disc has a piece of white tape on the label on the second side which says "Juanita Smith." It's got a number of scuffs and surface scratches on both sides, and rates a VG- visually. But I played portions of the disc, and they actually sounded quite good ... EX quality. Overall, I'd rate this disc as GD+ to EX-, but with audible testing rating much better. It's $30.00.

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