June Christy 10-inch LPs with Maynard Ferguson


Here's the Pete Rugolo Orchestra with MF backing the great jazz singer June Christy. This 10" LP represents the earliest release of these tracks, and they're really interesting vocals backed by one of the best big bands of all time. It lists for $75.00 in NMINT condition in the jazz guide.
COPY #1. This copy has a clean and nice cover. The front paper looks almost new. There's a 2" seam crack at bottom center, and on the back there's a darkened spot where a price sticker was removed, along with a little streak of red, presumably from a red pencil. Still, it's a very clean and nice cover, and rates a NMINT-. The vinyl has clean and nice labels, but there are some very light surface scratches visible, and they translate into a little background noise on playback. I'd rate it as EX. Overall, this copy is EX+ -- a nice, solid, well-above average copy of this great recording. It's yours for just $15.00.

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