Morris Grants CDs with Maynard Ferguson


OK ... this one takes some major explanation. Back about 1960 or so, a jazz comedy album came out on the Argo label. The big rage in the jazz world was Norman Granz presents J.A.T.P. (Jazz at the Philharmonic). So someone came up with this wild idea to put out a parody album in which "Norman" became "Morris," "Granz" became "Grants," "J.A.T.P." became "J.U.N.K.," and the musicians got renamed as well. This CD is a reissue of the original LP, and is side-splitting fun! The players include Morris Brewbeck, Sol Desman, Miles Morris, Morris Garner, Ornette Morris, Theloneliest Plunk, Can-e-ball Naturally, Merry Julligan, and, OF COURSE, Morris Ferguson. Very little is known about when and where this was recorded, and I've even heard conflicting stories. There's even some controversy about whether it's really Maynard playing on this LP, or whether it was someone else impersonating him. Folks, once you listen to it, I think you'll totally agree with me that NO ONE could play what's played on this record EXCEPT Maynard Ferguson. I'm positive it's really him, just goofing off and going along with the fun on this album. Some of us asked Maynard, via Ed Sargeant, whether he remembered doing this or not, but we never got an answer prior to Maynard's death in 2006. Frankly, I'm not sure if Maynard even remembered or not, and that may be why we didn't get an answer. Nevertheless, everyone I know that knows Maynard's playing agrees that it HAS to be him. Stratospheric playing at its best! This CD version of the rare album was issued in December, 2012, and is the first release ever of these tunes on CD.
COPY #1. This copy is MINT, FACTORY SEALED. $14.00.
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COPY #3. This copy is MINT, FACTORY SEALED. $14.00.
COPY #4. This copy is MINT, FACTORY SEALED. $14.00.

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