Bud Shank 45s with Maynard Ferguson


This is an exceedingly rare, picture cover, 7" 45RPM EP with MF playing on the Bud Shank tunes Valve in Head, Sing Something Simple, Baby's Birthday Party, and Cool Fool. These same tracks come on the 10" LP with the same title, and the cover on this EP is almost identical to the cover on the 10" LP. As you know, the 10" LP books in the $100.00+ range for a NMINT copy. However, this little 7" EP is MUCH RARER than the 10" LP!!!!! Exceedingly hard to find, cherished by mainstream jazz collectors, and perhaps one of the finest jazz recordings of the 1950s!
COPY #1. Finally, another copy to put up for sale. The cover on this one is super clean and nice, with two flaws: a rubber-stamped "JAZZ INTERNATIONAL" on the front cover in red ink, and a 2" seam split at upper right. Due to these two flaws, an otherwise super nice cover is just EX-. The disc labels are ultra clean and nice, and the disc is in super, NMINT condition. Really a nice copy, it's EX+ overall. Yours for $20.00.

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