Jerry Fielding LPs with Maynard Ferguson


Did you know that Maynard recorded on an LP with conductor Jerry Fielding in 1957? It was called Swingin' in Hi-Fi!, and included a trumpet player called "Buddy Maynard". Yep, you guessed it -- another pseudonymn for Maynard. It's nearly impossible to find anymore. Super great west coast jazz, with an all-star line-up of Hollywood studio musicians. Maynard wails on the track Ooo Wee, and can be heard prominently on other tracks, as well. This particular version is a UK re-issue from perhaps the late 1970s. It's just as rare, if not rarer, than the original, and is a great pressing!
COPY #1. Just in, this is the first copy of this LP I've had in stock for some time. The cover on this one looks NMINT+, but someone did write something in very light ink pen on the back cover at upper right. This reduces a superb, NMINT+ cover to NMINT. The vinyl is absolutely pristine, and I don't think it's ever been played. It's MINT! What a super nice copy of this hard-to-find LP. It's yours for $23.00.
COPY #2. Just in, the cover on this one has a few light creases in places, but it's still easily NMINT, and very clean and nice. The vinyl has some ultra-fine scratches on the surface only. It almost looks like they were caused by the sleeve. But they're there, so I'm going to call the vinyl EX. Overall, this one is EX++. It's $14.00.

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