The Axidentals LPs with Maynard Ferguson


It may come as a surprise to some of you to learn that Maynard recorded behind a vocal group called The Axidentals in the mid '50s. Russell Garcia was the orchestra leader and arranger for this session, so it's easy to see why Maynard was called in for the lead trumpet work, due to his association with Garcia on other projects. The music is sort of like Manhattan Transfer -- tight harmonies, jazz rhythm. I kind of dig it. My wife hates it. You be the judge! Regardless, it's definitely got Maynard, and says so right on the cover. A few years ago, Milt Chapman, a member of the group e-mailed me and told me that he clearly remembers MF playing on this session. Milt and Bob Sumners were both trumpet players as well as members of the Axidentals, and he says they both were big fans of Maynard even before this recording session. Milt wasn't too happy about my wife's opinion of his recording, but I convinced him she's not much of a jazz lover, and all was seemingly forgiven!
COPY #1. The front cover on this one is near-flawless -- really clean and nice. The seams and spine look great. There's some surface wear and a slightly dark spot on the back cover (where a sticker was apparently removed). Overall, this cover rates an EX++. The vinyl is likewise a clean and nice EX++. Overall, this one is EX++. Yours for $15.00. BONUS! THIS LP HAS NEVER BEEN AVAILABLE ON CD, SO THIS COPY COMES WITH A TRANSCRIPTION CD OF ALL THE TRACKS RECORDED DIRECTLY FROM THE LP.
COPY #2. The cover on this one is realatively clean and nice There's just a bit of wear visible, with some rubbing on the corners and a little minor chipping along the opening slit. Still, it's a very nice cover, rating at least an EX++. The vinyl has a few light sleeve scuffs and some very minor surface scratches. I played it, and except for a little extra noise on the outer tracks on the disc, it settles in and plays very nicely, with excellent fidelity. I'd rate it as EX++, as well. Overall, this copy is EX++. It's $15.00. BONUS! THIS LP HAS NEVER BEEN AVAILABLE ON CD, SO THIS COPY COMES WITH A TRANSCRIPTION CD OF ALL THE TRACKS RECORDED DIRECTLY FROM THE LP.
COPTY #3. The cover on this one has significant surface wear, front and back, and even though I cleaned it as best I could, it still looks somewhat dirty. There's a significant brown stain on the front and significant foxing on the back. Remarkably, the seams and spine are totally intact. This cover isn't trash, but it's not pretty either. Just GOOD (which in English means NOT SO GOOD). The vinyl has quite a few scuffs and light scratches, so I played sections to see if there were any skips. I definitely did detect some (although I didn't clean the LP, and they might go away with a good cleaning), the fidelity is less than perfect in some places, and there is quite a bit of surface noise between tracks in softer passages. It's POOR. So this is in the category of space fillers, and is in POOR+ condition. Just $1.00.


This is the much rarer U.K. pressing of this interesting LP. Probably 10 times rarer than its U.S. counterpart!

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