Fania All-Stars LPs with Maynard Ferguson


Did you know that Maynard recorded with a group called the Fania All-Stars in 1978? Si! Maynard was guest soloist on the track "Spanish Fever." Great, great Latin jazz! Maynard really blows on this track. Every MF collector needs a copy of this one. If you need one, and I have one in stock, GRAB IT. These are very popular, and very hard to find.
COPY #1. Just in, the cover on this one has a paper DJ timing strip at bottom center. There's also a light abrasion at upper right from the removal of a price sticker, and a little overall ring and surface wear. I'd rate this cover as EX-. The vinyl, which has a white promo label, is an ultra clean and nice NMINT+. Overall, this copy is EX+ to NMINT-. It's yours for $13.00.
COPY #2. The cover on this one has some record ring wear and some definite edge wear. It's EX- to EX. The vinyl, however, is much nicer. It's NMINT! Overall, this copy is in the EX+ range. It's yours for $12.00.
COPY #3. The cover on this one has some definite surface wear visible, front and back. Someone also wrote "01-155" in small blue ink on the back. I'd give this cover an EX- to EX. The vinyl is EX+. Overall, this one is EX. It's yours for $11.00.

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