Vido Musso 78s with Maynard Ferguson


Tenor sax player Vido Musso played with Maynard throughout Maynard's years with the Stan Kenton Orchestra. In 1956, Musso put together a combo called "The Vido Musso Organization" and this 78 is one of the results. Great R&B style music. These 78s are ULTRA rare. I see maybe one every 2 or 3 years.
COPY #1. This is the first copy of this rare 78 that I've ever had for sale on the website. Unfortunately, like most, it's pretty worn. The labels are relatively clean and nice, but do show some marked spindle wear. The disc itself is somewhere in the POOR to GOOD- range, with some significant scratches. Not guaranteed to play without skipping. Just a space filler, but due to its rarity, I'd recommend picking up this copy if you don't have one until you can find a better one. Just $3.00.
COPY #2. The labels on this copy are like new. The disc itself is GOOD, with some definite scuffs and scratches. This disc must have been a huge hit, as every copy I've ever seen has a lot of wear. Just $3.00.

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