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"The government shall be upon his shoulder..." (Isaiah 9:6)


White House Abandons Spy-Satellite Program of Bush Administration Possible Israeli Cyber Attack Sabotaged Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Reactor Song of Jericho North Korea Nuclear Threat Chinese Spy Chips In American Military Aircraft? Enroute To Global Nuclear Terrorism Links America Prepared For A Korean Missle Strike On HawaiiPearl Harbor Nuclear Threat Preparations U.S. Boosts Hawaii Defence To Counter Nuclear Threat The Last Stalinist State On Earth?

The Silk Road, which is actually a network of ancient trade routes is in the process of being restored. The holy scriptures predict a time in which the "kings of the east" will be part of a federation which attacks Israel. (Ezek. 28) Here are some links to maps, articles and photos for your studies.


We Believe...

How To Receive Salvation Ordained Ministers At Your Service Skylarks Encircling Home On The Range Rev Tom & Alana CampbellTroubadors of the Spirit Riverstone Fellowship Creative Wedding Celebrations Wedding Minister For Your Celebration


Upon Shigionoth Troubadors of the Spirit Dancer's Devotional The Great WarHome On The Range Warring In The Name of the Lord Constantine's Children of A Lesser God The Joseph Anointing God's Love For The Wives of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob Famous Benjamites What Can Be Learned From The Tribe of Benjamin? The Ritual Abuse of Terorism Upon Shigionoth Sons of Judah Moses:Prince Of Egypt Simchat Torah: Rejoicing In The Torah Upon Shiggionoth: Habakkuk's Tephillah The Significance of Declaring the Name of the Lord Jonah's Ship Faith In The Unseen Things To Come: The Storm Preparers Warring In The Name of the Lord Threats & Intimidation As Warfare God's Generals Surveillance: Who's Watching Who? Judah's Sons The Procession That Scatters The Enemy A Magnificent Installation Prophecy To The Mountain of God's House The Miracle of God's Abiding Presence


The Blessing of Moses Moses Prince Of Egypt The Burning Bush He Supposed His Brethren Would Have Understood


Lion's Gate Prophetic Journal Aijeleth Shahar: The Hind of the Morning (One God & Oneness With The Lord House Eternal: Prophecy Rhode Island A Prophetic Word-January Hoist Up The John B Sail The Vision of the Skylark Skylark's Simcas Prophecy: District of Columnia England, Canada & The U.S.A The Bells On The Horses A Solomn Charge: Prophecy For Burundi A.A. Allan Prophecy: Liberty Lost!
Henry Gruver's Prophecy: Russia Attacks USA Reg King-1940's: Russian Attack Evangelist Tommy Hicks Prophetic Word Stanley Frodsham's Prophecy: On Deception
Water The Earth Prophecy: Po River-Italy George Washington's End Time Prophecy

Things To Come War Prophecies Volgograd, Russia Prophecy Dreams & Visions
Azazel: Psalm 22


How To Have The Presence During Hanukkah Isaiah's Vision of the King's Highway The Mystery of Yeshua haMashiach/Jesus Christ Mighty Clouds of Glory Isaiah & God As One Hebrew On The Web Hebrew names For The Tanach How To Have The Presence During Hanukkah/b> China Nuclear On The Increase-Working With Pakistan Control issues & The Genesis 3 Curse The Revival of the Ancient Silk Road Silk Road Map The Silk Road In Photographs A Sandy Foundation Shaken-William Penn Surveillance: Who's Watching You? The War On Children Blessing the Firstborn Joseph The Dreamer


Dancer's Devotional Mechowlah-The Dance Company God's Goings The Dancing Troubador Harvest Dances Jewish Dance Dancing Carols Religious Dance Processions The Wedding Dance Eskimo Dances

Je Reviens: I Will Return Without Wrath & Doubting How To Know The Will of God

Kingdom Revelation: One Lord & His Name One Bible Study On The Godhead Yeshua/Jesus The Righteous Advocate Communion With haMashiach/Christ Sword of the Spirit Which Is The Word of God Divine Protection From Injestion Taiwan Warns China On Attack Law 40 Day Fast-The Pacific


January 2014- Photos Who Are We? Tom Campbell Craftsman In Stone The White Rose Photos Breakthrough Intl. Wedding Ministers Creative Wedding Celebrations Tea Sandwiches Bridges For Peace Aijalon Report Lion's Gate Prophetic Journal Couer de Lion Le Alouette Prophetique Skylark's Song Bird In The Hand Lark Ascending Aijalon Report Skylark's Oakleaf JournalWings of Morning The White Rose Lion's Gate

What We Believe

God Prepared Himself A Body Baptized In The Cloud & In The Sea The Key of David Mark Elliot On Baptism Kingdom Revelation: One Lord & His Name One To The Church In The Desert The Hebrew Alphabet

What Is The Church In God's Plan?

The Church-The Redeemed


A Man For All Seasons The Dancer's Devotional Artist's Biography Skylark's Art Studio At Talus Skylark's Snohomish River Art Studio Tom & Alana Campbell's Art Studio Aholiab's Art In The Tabernacle Tom Campbell-Artist-Craftsman in Stone Gary Lessord NewLife Church Prophetic Art Yeshua/Jesus & The Drama Professors Howard David Johnson
Leslie Young Marks-Painter of Truth Jean Shen's Work Rik Berry
The Artist As Prophet Bezaleel & The Ark of God Prophetic Sculpture Prophetic Sculpture Lynn Sterner's Artwork
Paint By The Spirit Alana Campbell's On Line Art Gallery
Skylark Studio Artwork Postcard Artwork Free Illustrations The Art of Scarf Tying Modest Clothing

Fallen Tabernacle of David In The Arts Paint By The Spirit: The Religious Art of Van Gogh
Michelangelo Leonardo daVinci Pierre Auguste Renoir Johannes Vermeer Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin Mary Stevenson Cassatt Paul Cezanne: The Father of Modern Art Eva Gonzales Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin

Christian Hospitality

Creative Wedding Celebrations Tea Sandwiches


Locate A Good Bible Believing Church Here!


The Truth About One Lord One Faith One Baptism Water Baptism
Who Is God? Have You Obeyed The Great Commission? Peter's Conversion Revelations


Till The Storm Passes By Biblical Miracles Miraclesof Recovery Protection From Harm Aijeleth Shahar: The Hind of the Morning (One God & Oneness With the Lord


Full Gospel Minister: Tom Campbell The Submissive Man

I Hear The Pipes A Callin! Word of Knowledge Prophetic Word: Taking The Precious From The Vile. (January 2006) Prophetic Words Involving Children Hearing Voices? Agabus Type Prophecies Ecumenical Movement & Church of Rome
That Rock Is Mashiach/Christ
Simhat Torah Ottawa Messianic


Becoming A Psalmist Handel's Messiah Art For Glory & For Beauty To God The Glory: Bach Ministering Angels Dance Of Manahaim Syllabus


The White Rose-Story of A South Pacific Danish Immigrant Family The Historic Frank R Killien House The Exodus of 24 French Huguenot Families-Including Jonas Fortineaux-French Refugee Dorothy Irene Mott Kuklenski Grandpa Emmett Tinius & Grandma Polly Ruthart Tinius Jonas or Jean Henri Fortineaux-France Lane/L'Aine/Lain-Ain, France

L'Ain, Lain, Lane & Montrose/Marquis de Graham History Shelter In The Rock The Jesus People Jonas Fortineau, born 1650-died 1702-and son Jean Henri Fortineau Dorothy Mott-Kuklenski Jakob Ruthart-Ancestor Dorothy Irene Kuklenski Ship's Passenger List-Jean Henri Fortineau (Fortney ancestor) The Sound of Music In Switzerland The Sound of Music In Germany & France The Sound of Music In Holland The Great War: The War Diary of Galen Hunt Johann Jonas Fortineux The Light & The Glory: James Hunt Family History Mary Ann Davys/Davis/David-Welsh Origins Herchelroth Fortney/Fortineux/Fortineau Fortineau-French-Swiss Connection Je Riviens au berceau de Acadie Johann Conrad Widersheim-Alsace, France Andreas Schantz-German Coast-Louisiana Jean-Henri Fortineau(French Huguenot ancestor thru Barbara Fortney)

Ridenour Hunt Galen Otto Hunt The Prophetess of Chatham On Thames Sarah Brown Hans Martin Dietrich-Bas-Rhein, Alsace, France Christian Whetstone Burger Joseph Madison & Selinda Ridenour Burger de presson/Preston Co. WVa Simonus Wagner-Windesheim, Rheinland, Prussia Elvina Hunt MacIntyre Hunt-Fortney/Fortineaux-Britain-Rhineland History Rabbai Bernhard Hoppe Swiss-German Family Wettstein The Sign of the Prophet Jonah Ezra martin Campbell-Mary Cassandra Roberts Campbell-Hoppe Russell, Kirk, Griest,Spencer,Williams, Cadwalder Susannah Lightfoot-Irish Quaker

Translating The Gregorian Calendar Dates to Hebrew Dates Hebrew Words In Dutch Roots Web-Genealogy Research Family Search Forteneaux/Fortney Lane/L'Aine/Lain

Breaking The Power of the Oppressor The White Rose The Strength of Mercy The Historic Frank R Killien House Shelter In The Rock Jonas Fortineau, born 1650-died 1702-and son Jean Henri Fortineau Ship's Passenger List-Jean Henri Fortineau (Fortney ancestor) Arise French Prophets & Light the Lamp! Fortineau-French-Swiss Connection Je Riviens au berceau de l’Acadie Jean-Henri Fortineau(French Huguenot ancestor thru Barbara Fortney) Nicholas Ridenour History

The Sound of Music In Germany & FranceRidenour Hunt Family-Granville Co, NC--1600s And Preston Co. WVA-1800s Bird of Paradise Hunt-Davis Galen Otto Hunt The Great War: The War Diary of Galen Hunt The Sign Of The Prophet Jonah Sarah Brown Christian Whetstone Burger Swiss-German Family Wettstein The 50's Joseph Madison & Selinda Ridenour Burger Preston Co. WVa Elvina Hunt MacIntyre Rabbai Bernhard Hoppe Campbell-Hoppe Russell, Kirk, Griest,Spencer,Williams, Cadwalder Susannah Lightfoot

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