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Sept. 6, 2001

A friend called to share a dream she had of an earthquake. Her daughter Jehanne, was also given an earthquake dream. About this time, and without being aware of these two, I was given a dream of a great shaking, that I took to be an earthquake. I saw in the vision, the Idaho Panhandle, as a place into which many would flee. Another woman on the other side of the USA had an earthquake vision, or prophetic word from the Lord with a warning for Mt. Rainier, that there would be a "chain" of earthquakes, and that this would occur.

As I sought the Lord as to why Mt. Rainier would by a symbol of a spiritual truth, I was reminded of a recent article, entitled:

"The Mountain Called God"Hebrews 12 tells us that everything that can be shaken shall be, so God can have a kingdom that cannot be removed.

Paul's message in Acts 26, concurs with this, that God wants to turn people from darkness to light, from Satan's power to God's. There is much opposition, as the motion of the very earth's plates clash, great shaking occurs with land masses that divide, and the very topography of the country is re-"arranged." Pray over "ground God has promised and given to you. Beware of opposition, for it will surely come, as spiritual forces war over their losses and attempt to regain certain territories. Many will be caught unaware. Watch and pray that you enter not into temptation, as our Lord has said!

In the region of the Pacific Northwest, Mt. Rainier has been considered a sacred mountain to the native Americans of this region. Let's remember Zechariah 4: Who art thou O great mountain? Before Zerubabbel you shall become a plain. They shall bring forth the capstone with shoutings, crying: "Grace, grace to it!"

During a time of intercession regarding these numerous dreams and visions received by people regarding a coming earthquake, and warning for the Mount Rainier region, I received the following prophetic word:

Mountains in scripture speak of "kingdoms." There is a "range" if you will of kingdoms which Satan has set up, and God is challenging His people as "The Mountain of God's House" to hold fast to their confidence which has "great recompence of reward, that after having done the will of God, we might receive the promise!"

God who works together for God to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose is going to bring good out of all of this tragedy.

Come to terms with it says the Lord: for these faults are in no uncertain places, but occur in those areas which have borne the most stress, and as it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual. You have reached into the high places and into the low, in order to bring the living water. For so it is, that if you do not do business in the high places, those on earth shall never receive what I have for them. For yes, Satan has contested my very plan and purpose in this earth says the Lord.

And the whole earth will shake with My glory says the Lord, for I have arisen to shake the earth and to shake loose the pride and hypocrisy which has encroached upon My very gospel so that whereas I intended for it to bring life, Satan and his emissaries have determined that a "river of death" shall flood this earth in these last days. Prophesy life! Says the Lord. For I am the Prince of Life! I am the very bringer of life and I have called you My sons and My daughters to bring the message of this My life to the driest places of this world.

Some have thought that this will come about... Will occur without tension and without friction, but I say to you that even as you observe this display of My very power within the plates of the earth, know that I care what goes onto the plates at the table of the Lord! And that I Myself stand and I observe all that is done to one another in the name of the cross. And yes, I say this weeping, that some of My lambs ahve even been driven over the brink and have taken their own lives.

But I am the Good Shepherd, who laid down His life for the sheep. And yes, I have not come to condemn but to save. But some of you have come to such a condemning business that you are no longer in the partnership with im who came to seek and to save that which was lost. And others are parting out that which I came to save in the most disgraceful and partial way saying: We'll save this, but not that! And thus you have weakened that which was your very strength, within the minds and hearts of others. Is anything too hard for Me?

Why have those of you turned the grace of God into laciviousness, with your teachings? Why have you made Me as a God afar off who will not draw near? I have come down says the Lord to observe your palaces and yes, I have My measuring rod within My very hand and we shall see if it's going to fit within that City Foursquare. For kings and kingdoms have arisen against Me in the past, but where are they now? Many of them were buried under tons of rubble--when I arose to shake the earth says God.


I have given to My house the Key of David and yet they continue to squabble over which key it is that unlocks the door! You do err not knowing the scripture, not the power of God.

I came to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and they received Me not. And yet there were those the Father had given unto Me, and to them I entrusted the "keys of the kingdom," and to Peter I said:

"Upon this rock I will build My church!"

And Peter heard by the Spirit and went his way with that revelation in his heart. And on the Day of Pentecost, poured it forth as rivers in the desert. Put "these rivers" in your mouth says God and let them flow at the command of your Lord. For I said: He that believes on Me, out of his belley shall flow rivers of living water! Some of you have been sand bagging like crazy, to dam up the flow from the very throne of God and of the Lamb in the mountain of the house of the Lord. And you shall fall for their sakes, as I arise to shake terribly the earth, for you have exalted yourselves against the very word of the Living God!

Some of you have received more stripes than the proverbial convict in a penitentiary and yet do not turn and allow your Heavenly Father to chasten you, but you stiffen your necks and you harden your hearts and you say of the word I bring: "It is not so!!!" Little children how I have longed to bring you into the measure of the fulness of the stature of Christ. How I have longed that even as you say that you abide in Me, that you would walk even as I walk. I have spoken to you often and yet there are those of you who have not heard. But My word has gone up as a vapor to water a new earth says the God--wherein dwells righteousness, and I see that many of My people are busy packing their bags, for there has come a realization that areas of their lives have not been in sync with My righteousness, and I have placed within their hearts a longing, yes even a yearning for the fulness of My righteousness. And yes, there is a tearing of those idols from the heart of man, and a longing of those that I am calling to "bridal relationship," --to come and lean upon the bosom of the Son of Man, and to take up His cross and to walk even as he walked says the Lord. Can any take fire to his bosom and not be burned?


Yet the mountains of the kingdoms of this world have erupted and the molton substance has flowed over that which is precious to Me. It is time to take the precious from the vile! It is time to proclaim to My own that I have not called you to be reprobate silver! For though I have stirred the ore in the Refiner's Pot and heated it 7 times hotter than it was before; the impurities are not being released that I might remove them far from those of you says the Lord.

And yet there is this Mountain of the House of the Lord, that flows down with it's fire--and the fire moves as a molten river across this earth and does not stand still and cool off and harden as some have. It is made in My image says the Lord. And this is the Mountain of the House of the Lord. For I do not build "cooling off houses." But I said the glory of the latter house shall be the greater...

Come with Me and allow Me to show you all that I have for you. If you have entrenched yourself in a "cooling off house," allow Me to move you by the very heat of My Spirit says the Lord. For with great fervency I have desired to eat this Passover with you! For I said: "Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink this blood, you shall have no part with Me. And so many walk no more with Me for they cannot and they will not stand --nor withstand the intensity of the heat of My Presence, which burns a a flame of fire. But My fan is in My hand and I will baptize you with the baptism of fire says your God. For if you have not the Spirit of Christ in you, you are none of His!


Deepen your understanding, for the challenge is going forth! And if you will accomodate the place for the Revelation of Jesus Christ, in these last days, you shall be as Abraham: Possessor of heaven and earth! And together we shall reach into the high places , that we might walk together in this earth as Adam and Eve in the world that was.

For Sodom and Gomorrah shall burn not many days hence and I am calling many forth from it! It is not and it shall not be a safe place to be! Look not on it's lush valleys and seemingly fertile fields says the Lord. But see it burning by the eyes of faith. For that which appears green shall be charred and will lie in smoldering ruins, and there shall be nothing to prevent this catastrophic judgment of the great city that has exalted itself against Me. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord. When I say: Go! Molten river flow---I expect you to move against that renegade kingdom that the powers of darkness have set up, and bring down the high places; that no one will worship there.

And those that try to rebuild what I bring low, shall do so at their own risk says the Lord. For I do not send forth My warriors for nothing. But My prophetic time and My prophetic purpose shall prevail over all things. And now I shall encourage My faithful warriors in this hour. And I say that My mercy has gone forth--has gone--has gone forth in this hour. Now do not give yourselves over to fruitless grief as I reach into the high places that I might bring life to those in need.

You have wept wept your tears in the night and I have dried your eyes as you lay your head upon My breast. But the day of discovery has dawned. The True Light now shines. And I am bringing to light the very thoughts, the intents and the purposes of the hearts. do not long to go back like Lot's wife. But flee out of her My people that you be not partaker of her plagues. For her cup is full of the blood of the saints, yet she sips this and says: I have done no wrong! But I say: There are ommissions and there are comissions which have contributed to this cup of abominations. And I who am all-seeing, and I who am all-knowing; have watched as a watch-tower. And yes at times do impart visions of the very sanctuary to My watchmen on the walls, as Ezekiel saw by the eyes of My Spirit. And I have witnesses says the Lord.

You ae about to see a string of mountains come under judgment. And these mountains are the very kingdoms of Satan. Do not fear what man can do unto you. But fear the Living God with godly reverence, and bow before My throne as those whose very hearts have been laid bare, and brought low.


There's coming a day, when the last candle shall have been lit, in the lampstand says the Lord. And the door shall then be shut. Then many will say: Where's one with oil? But it will be too late, for they will have gone in unto My feast--to the wedding supper of the Lamb. You hold in your hand the invitation says the Lord. Make sure that you come with proper wedding garments on. For I will surely look for your appearance when those shine forth in the kingdom of their God.

And there will surely be great weeping and gnashing of teeth by those who say: Am I to sit chained in this darkness forever? In this hell, reserved for the devil and his angels? And then you who have served Satan shall be served in that place where the worm dies not. And that awful clanging of the door as it slams shut shall echo through the chambers of time for the last time, and time shall be no more.


Some of you have had man shut the door to you--but I the Lord have said:

"Servant, behold a door is open to you in heaven. Come up higher!" And some of you have shut the door of My kingdom to people when this was not yours to do, for it was not given to you by the authority of heaven to turn those out of My kingdom. Run and bid them come to My feast for it is not too late. And I will take note of this says the Lord. And others of you have refused the invitation to come and to dine with Me. Won't you pull your chair up to the table and sup with Me, that I might sup with you? For I have loved you with an everlasting love. and with loving kindness have I drawn you.

I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear My voice, and will open the door; I will come in to Him and will sup with him and he with Me. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Be zealous therefore and repent. To him that overcomes will I grant to sit with Me in My throne, even as I also overcame and am set down with My Father in His throne. He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

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