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Schantz is an older spelling of the German word Schanz or Schanze, meaning trench or redoubt. Schantz has been used as a term for "a peasant's coat." Historically, it also referred to earthwork fortifications such as those in use since ancient times.

Birth: Abt 1537

The Von Schantz family were of Swedish-Finnish nobility. Knighted in Sweden1693. Johann Eberhard Schantz (1614-1665) descended from Rothenburg ob der Taufer in Germany. Moved to Sweden 1630 to become secretary to King Charles X Gustav.
The Schantz family surname is found on my father Galen Otto Hunt's side of the family tree. Peter Wetzstein, aka Whetstone an ancestor of mine who emigrated to America aboard the ship "The Samuel" in 1732, was the son of Jorg Wetzstein and Anna Catharine Dilli/Dillis. Anna Dilli's father was Stephen Dillis (Born 1588) and he was the son of Jorg Dillis and Eva Bork. He married Christina Rapp, the daughter of Hans Rapp(born 1566) and Barbara Schantz, who was born 1572. She was the daughter of Andreas Schantz (Chance) born 1698/99 in Hochaussen, Franconia, Boncouer, Germany. He married Catherine Wolff born in Boncouer 22 April 1713. The marriage took place in German Coast 1721. This page contains genealogy information of the Schantz family, a very precious branch of the tree.

Origins of the name: Schantzin was from the old German stylized script form of the "Sch" that admittedly looked like a "J" to the untrained eye. "Schantzin" was the feminine form of the name in German, so it was used only for women in the family. Males used the surname Schantz (Johns) on land deeds and records and sometimes Jantzin (Johnson) in family Bible records.

Spouse: Jacobe
Marriage: Abt 1562

Children: Andreas Schantz (II)
Johann Andreas "Andreas" Schantz arrived in 1724 in Louisiana. He married: Catherine Wolff-At Destrehan, St Charles, Louisiana-German Coast. Andreas Schantz died on 11 December 1746 in Destrehan, St Charles, Louisiana

The children of Andreas Schantz and Catherine Wolff were 1) JeanGeorge Schantz died: Oct 1747 Married Catherine Frederic Merckel January 18, 1745-46. Jean George Schantz burial was on 01 October 1747 at Charles, Louisiana. Catherine Mercke's burial was 15 October 1747. 2) Marie-Anne Schantz married David Himel 1739 at St Charles, Borromeo, German Coast. David Himel was born January 08, 1711/12 in Ellrichhausen, Germany and died March 09, 1782 in Destrehan, Louisiana. Note Historical Destrehan, Louisiana: Destrehan Louisiana was named for JeanNoel Destrehan (1754-1823) Famous Creole polititian in Louisiana and one time owner of Destrehan Plantation, a famous landmark. He was born to Jean Baptiste Destrehan de Beaupre and Jean Catherine Gauvret, and educated in France. David Himel married Marie Schantz on Sept 20, 1739 in Destrehan, Louisiana.

*Note St. Charles Borromeo History

Over 200 years ago a Spaniard named Don Manuel Perez visited the village of Les Petites Cotes or the "Little Hills." As the Spanish lieutenant governor of Upper Louisiana, Perez signed a petition granting permission to build a church. This meeting took place at the home of of a French fur trapper named Louis Blanchette who founded the village in 1769. In November 7, 1791 he named the church after the Cardinal of Milan,CHarles Borromeo. He changed the name of the village to San Carlos which in time became St. Charles, Louisiana.

Ship: Charming Nancy- 1737

Barbara Schantz Andreas Schantz/Schants & Catherine Wolff (French)

1. Catherine Wolff married (1) Johann Leonhardus Gabel (Johann Leonard Gabel/Cabel) 4 June 1712 in Catholic Church, Obergimpern, Baden, Germany. He was born Abt. 1676, and died 24 September 1720 in Lorient, Province of Bretagne,France.

Leonard Cable was born abt 1676 in Freudenberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, and died 1721 on a ship during passage to Louisiana. He was buried 24 SEP 1720 in Lorient, Province of Bretagne, France. The Wolf surname origins are English, Danish, and German: from a short form of the various Germanic compound names with a first element wolf ‘wolf’, or a byname or nickname with this meaning. The wolf was native throughout the forests of Europe, including Britain, until comparatively recently. In ancient and medieval times it played an important role in Germanic mythology, being regarded as one of the sacred beasts of Woden. This name is widespread throughout northern, central, and eastern Europe, as well as in Britain and German-speaking countries. German: habitational name for someone living at a house distinguished by the sign of a wolf, Middle High German wolf. Jewish (Ashkenazic): from the Yiddish male personal name Volf meaning ‘wolf’, which is associated with the Hebrew personal name Binyamin (see Benjamin). With the rise of anti-semitism, it was customary for Jewish names such as Benjamin to become "Wolf," as this was the emblem of the trible from ancient times. This association stems from Jacob’s dying words ‘Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf: in the morning he shall devour the prey, and at night he shall divide the spoil’ (Genesis 49:27). Irish: variant spelling of Woulfe.

Andreas Schantz married Susanna Maria Wirth ABT 1712 in, Bancour, Germany. She was born ABT 1700 in Waldenburg, Hohenloh, Wurttemberg, Germany, and died 1721/1723 in German Coast, Louisiana.

Thw Wolf surname is a famous Anglo-Irish surname of Norman-French origins! Almost all nameholders have some connection with the conquest of England in 066 by William of Normandy, the name being taken to Ireland in 1170 following Strongbows invasion. What is less certain is why the name was given in the first place. It seems to have been a nickname in that almost all early records include the preposition 'Le', suggesting that the original holders were men (and women) of considerable ferocity and cunning, and this seems to have come down through the ages, the Irish nameholders in particular having provided more than their fair share of soldiers of the British (and sometimes) French Empires. Canon C W Barsley, the eminent Victorian etymologist, suggests that the name refers to a hunter of wolves, and that maybe the case with the first name holder as shown below. Captain George Wolfe of Limerick, who took part in the famous siege of that city in 1690, was the great grandfather of General James Wolfe, the victor of Quebec in 1759.

Catherine Wolf married (2) Johann Andreas "Andreas" Schantz on 22 April 1713 in Obergimpern, Boncour, Germany - He was the son of Johann Schantz born 1663 in Hochhausen,Franconia, Germany and Susanna Catharina Schantzin born 1663 in Boncour, died 20 April 1726 in Hochhausen, Germany. He was born 1699 in Hochhausen, Baden, Germany. He died: 11 December 1746 in Destrehan,St Charles, Louisiana.

Note: Catherine Wolff called Catherine Voff-Born 1700

Children of Andreas Schantz and Catherine Wolff are: i. Jean-George Schantz,
Born: 1723/1726-Hochhausen, Franconia, Boncouer, Germany
Died Abt. October 1, 1747 in St. Charles Parish, LA;
Married: Catherine Frederic Merckel January 18, 1745/46 in St. Charles Borromeo, German Coast, LA; The witnesses were: Andreas Schantz, the groomsfather, Charles Friedrich Darensbourg, David Immel, (grooms beaufrere, Nicolas Wichner, (brides beau-pere) Conrad Friedrich (brides grandfather) Roussau, Bernhardt Andoni

Catherine Frederic Merckel was born Abt. 1727; Her parents were: Johann Friedrich MERKEL and Anna Barbe Friderich (F. Merkel) Wichner b: 18 JUL 1708 in Rothenberg, Hesse, Germany died Abt. October 1747 in St. Charles Parish, LA.
Jean-George Schantz: Baptism: St. Charles Parish, LA Burial: October 01, 1747, St. Charles Parish, LA
Catherine Frederic Merckel: Burial: October 15, 1747, St. Charles Parish, LA
ii. Marie-Anne Schantz,
Born: Before 1726 in the GermanCoast, Louisiana
Married: David Himel, 1739 (Son of Johann Immel and Susanna) in St. Charles Borromeo, German Coast, LA. He was born January 8, 1712, in Ellrichhausen, Germany and died March 09, 1782 in Destrehan, Louisiana.

Marie is the child of Catherine Wolf and Johann Gabel was given in "Descendants of Johann Leonard Gabel."

The Wolff family has roots in Preston County. Jacob Wolff immigrated from Germany to America in 1730, and made his way across the Alleghenies to the area of Monongalia County, which became Preston County.

Alana Campbell is a descendant of Andreas Schantz. She is married to Tom and they are the parents of six children and reside in Washington state.

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