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...As the crucial days passed, and war clouds spread ominously over Britain, threatening it's very extinction; they realized that God was not moving to overturn things in this way, they looked to the Lord for His express plan and purpose in this thing.

The recent terrorist attack upon the World Trade Center in New York, has proven to be one of the worst terrorist attacks upon British, as well as American citizens since World War 2, as quite a large number worked in the Twin Towers there. Britain's Prime Minister, Tony Blair, estimates that between 200-300 people from the UK alone have lost their lives.

I mention World War 2, because during World War 2, certain Christians in Britain believed that God used this world war with all of it's trauma and personal tradegy for so many anguished people on all fronts, to open certain anti-christ nations to the gospel, which had previously stood in violent opposition to Christianity.

With the rise of Hitler and Nazism, it became extremely clear that Hitler was Satan's agent for preventing the gospel from going forth to all creation, as Jesus Christ instructed in the Great Commission. (Matt. 28:19)

From a prayer diary written during these war years, it states: "Things are very black on the continent. We pray on till 11 am. and come back at 2:30, 6; and 9 pm. We ask the Lord to deal with Germany."

The bible teaches us that our battle is not with flesh and blood but against "principalities and powers, and spiritual wickedness in high places." (Eph. 6. 2 Cor. 10:5) These "invisible forces," wage an unseen war for possession of regions and territories, even as the scripture has said. In the Old Testament, Daniel was given insight into this, when praying for Israel. When the angel Gabriel came to his aid, he told him: I heard you from the first day that you set your heart to understand and to chasten yourself (repent of your sins) before God; but the "prince of Persia withstood me. After I am gone, the

prince of Grecia shall come.

In history, we see that countries rise and countries fall. In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus said: Nation shall rise against nation; and kingdom against kingdom, and it will be like birth pains which grow closer and closer together, until the Lord's return. (Matt. 24, Luke 21, John 16:21)

"A woman when she is in travail has sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembers no more the anguish; for joy that a man is borne into the world."


As I awoke about 3 a.m. with a burden to pray for my country regarding the "spirit of terrorism" which has tried to seize hold upon it, I was reminded that Hitler knew the very day that this "spirit" which possessed him, had entered into him.

Of course, Britain at the onset of the war, desired peace; and set themselves to pray that war would be averted all together. But as the crucial days passed, and war clouds spread ominously over Britain, threatening it's very extinction; they realized that God was not moving to overturn things in this way, they looked to the Lord for His express plan and purpose in this thing. God used World War 2 to "Punish the host of the high ones on high as well as the kings of the earth," who were the human agents through whom they were operating at that times.

God's word states:

"And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high; and the kings of the earth upon the earth. And they shall be gathered together, as prisoners in the pit; and shall be shut up in the prison and after many days, they shall be visited." (Isaiah 24:21)


"When I have bent Judah for Me, filled the bow with Ephraim..." (Zech. 9:12-13)

Prior to WW2, as now; there was a tremendous war cry that came forth from the Captain of the Host, and Britain was but one segment of the body of Christ from which God was rallying the troops. Revival fire fell, and many were immersed in the baptism of fire, which burned out pride, self attainment, self gratification, self adulation, and vain-glory.

In the light of God's glory and grace, Christians saw so much "self!" The under-lying motives of everything they'd done was laid bare. Lust and self pity were flushed out where they hidden themselves from view, as the presence of God came as an all-consumming fire, making "ashes" of the self life, that it might truly be "Not I but Christ."


With the summer of 1938, there arose a dispute of Hitler over Czechoslovakia, resulting in what became known as the Munich Crisis. When war seemed inescapable, church leaders called for a "Day of Prayer." From this strategic day of prayer, came the cry that God would "Bend Hitler." And bind him He did! The familiar spirit to whom Hitler listened, had told him that October was the time to wage war. But Hitler disregarded the voice which urged him, choosing rather the more prudent counsel of his advisors. With this concession, God had bent Hitler.


The war years had their share of miracles, and what Sir Winston Churchill called "the Miracle of Dunkirk" that took place in May-June of 1940, was one of these. The German armies had swept through Belgium like a scythe, and invaded northern France; cutting off the retreating allied armies in this corner of France.

Vice Admiral Ramsey who was in chage of Operation Dynamo; sent destroyers for the troops. But it seemed they only had time to evacuate 30,000. Some were evacuated, but the remainder waited along the coastal beaches, due to the fact that the harbor became partially blocked by ships that were being sunk in the attack. Taking the troops from these beaches in shallow water, seemed the impossible task.

What happened next was incredible...But when all hope seemed lost, small civilian boats showed up,--a vast array of motor boats, lifeboats, trawlers, fishing vessels... and rescued 300,000 troops from the jaws of the advancing German army, mainly ferrying troops from the beaches to destroyers waiting offshore. But some were carried all the way to England, where they were desperately needed to guard the home front.

One story is of a 14 year old boy named Albert Barnes, who arrived when the evacuation was underway. He saw bodies floating, bombs going off...and thousands of soldiers trapped on the beach. Albert had been working as a "galley boy" on a tug called SUN XII With no time to call his mum and dad, he called his employer to say he'd be away on "government business."


Intercessors in September of 1940, fought a tremendous intercession over the air-raids and the Battle of Britain. Nazi planes passed overhead, and air-raid sirens as British Christians prayed, that God would turn lukewarm Laodicean Britain back to Him.

In Churchills "War Memoirs," he gives the month of September as the culminating date of the Battle of the Air. As the enemy squadrons came on, Churchill said: What reserves have we? He was told that there were no more reserves. Suddenly for no apparent reason, it appeared that the Germans were going home. This blunder of failing to invade Britain was Hitler's first mistake. And this incredible God sent victory saved the country of Britain from invasion.


Africa was, at this time in grave danger of invasion. Hitler planned to regain the German colonies there, which had been confiscated after WWI. If Egypt fell, the door was wide open to Palestine. And as God's faithful intercessors prayed on, the Lord made it known that this battle had everything to do with the gospel going forth to the Jewish people.

One of the "key events" which many are not aware of, is the revival of the ancient silk-road. A conference was recently held the CIS. This "silk road" or series of them; which not only connects Asia with Europe, providing free trade, was also an ancient "drug route."

The new super highway, will provide the latest technology for bibles to be transported into areas that need the gospel, but also for the tanks to roll on down into the holy lands, in an invasion of the "kings of the east" spoken of in the bible, in the book of revelation.

The recent clamouring of the majority, if not all of the east european countries; including Turkey, seeking to gain entrance to the European Union, is with an eye toward the prosperity envisioned in this free trade, as well as for the military protection afforded by the European community. But this certainly sets the stage for Ezekiel 39.

Regarding Hitler's invasion of Africa, the forces of Germany were pretty equally matched with the opposition. Both were suffering from exhaustion and lack of water, nearing the end of their endurance. Suddenly 1,100 men of the 90th Light Panzer Division, the elite of the African Corps; surrendered with their hands in the air. This surrender was a deciding factor in the invasion of Africa, and proved to be Hitler's third important failure. Great victories turn on the hinge of a prayer!

O GOG!!!

When the intercessors prayed that God would save Britain by turning Hitler and his troops in another direction, he turned his attention to Russia. Christians reasoned that the anti-christ forces in Russia needed to be dealt with anyway, and if not now, it might just take another war to effect this.

But as intercessors went to prayer, God said: Pray that Moscow will not fall. This seemed impossible, for the fall of Moscow appeared inevitable. Nevertheless, the prayer warriors did as they were told. They prayed the Nazi's would be overthrown in the Russian winter, and 3 million of the Nazi army perished in the snow. The Nazi's Russian campaign had depended on the fall of Moscow!


Stalingrad was no light matter. This battle continued unabated for six and a half monthes and involved some 2000 tanks, 2000 planes, 26,000 guns and mortars, and more than 2 million men.

Bombs rained down, burning oil and petrol turned the Volga River to a river of fire, and the earth of Stalingrad was black and scorched! The Nazi's were fighting in the suberbs of the city of Stalingrad, as the intercessors sought the Lord in travailing intoercession, standing in the gap that Stalingrad would not fall. Stalingrad is gateway to the Caucasus and the Caucasus to the bible lands. At this time, Hitler had made two attempts to occupy the bible lands. First through Crete and secondly, North Africa.

By mid-September, Hitler's armies had continued to advance till half the city was taken, and fighting was from house to house, with 40,000 dead and 150,000 wounded. Suddenly, though the news grew more ominous, the faith of those intercessors was emboldened, and they pressed the battle to the gate, as the scripture says.

The armies gave way before the face of God's victorious people. The Nazi army was vanquished, by another victory of the Holy Spirit. The town that was so totally devastated, with every bridge and railway blown up, and rows of houses leveled; was rapidly rebuilt.

In February of 1943, the inhabitants numbered just 32,000, but by September of that year, the population had grown to 200,000, as the whole country rallied to rebuild it! God is a God of salvation and will restore all that the locust and the catapiller devour, as we put out faith and trust in Him.

I was reading the internet news regarding the terrorist attacks upon our nation, and the statements of our leaders were saying: "We will not allow terrorism to subjugate us a nation." The church was praying to see the spirit of terrorism and violence overcome. Our baby girl marched into the room suddenly, and said something to me in her baby language that sounded like "Wannalu, Ma-ma?" After trying for some time to "translate" this, I said to her: "Show me one." So she immediately began to twirl in circles and to dance, clapping her hands. Then she yelled Halle-loo!!! I got up from my chair and danced with her for a while, and praised the Lord as the dark clouds vanished.

Greatly encouraged through this tender time of praise and worship, I said: You'd better go in there and tell Daddy "wannalu?" Jesus Christ is the Lord of Hosts. He teaches our hands to war...Victory comes through Him, as we look to Him and give Him all of our praise. Cezanni was reminding us of the anthesis to a waterloo, or defeat. It's a Halle-loo!!!

Our baby daughter had been spending time in the presence of Jesus. God sent her as a "heavenly messenger" on a mission, with a "spirit of praise to lift the sadness I felt at the deathes of my countrymen. My child's little heart was one of "purity," free of the defiling spirits of murder, hatred, violence and terrorism. It was centered on God, as she spoke.

The psalmist in the bible states, and Jesus quoted this: "Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings, God has perfected praise."

True praise is the anthesis of terrorism and violence. At the Zionist Conference in Ft. Worth, TX only 4 weeks ago, they had a film which was taken of Palestinian children in their school. Small, beautiful children, both girls and boys, perhaps --between ages 4 and 10 screaming kill all Jews! SCREAMING!

A person who wrote to us of this, said: The satanic spirit of hate was so awful, it made me sick and I had to leave the room. I am so sensitive! They are taught from age 3 to hate jews and christians, to be a suicide bomber means paradise. Only prayer and praise can break thru such evil spirit. Only "righteousness" will truly exalt a nation!

God's Charge To The Light Brigade:

What if your country finds itself involved in a war in which "the civilians" of a nation have been threatened with bodily harm if they offer assistance? This doesn't limit God.

In Judges 5:20-21, we read of war with foreign invaders, where the very "stars fought in their courses," and the River Kishon swept them away. God, who created all things, also has them at His disposal, so that He is able to utilize the very elements themselves, and has many times in times of war. (Ezekiel 38:22)

Don't ever forget my friend, what a great matter a little fire kindles. Bits are put into horses mouthes, so that we might turn their whole body and make them move in this direction or in that. God's word speaks of His good "war-horse" that is mighty in battle. (Zech. 10:3)

Great ships though driven by fierce winds are turned about by a small helm. (James 3) God gave you that prayer language called "tongues," that He can achieve great battles through you, in the realm of the Spirit. Through His faithful intercessors, he will bring down the host of the high ones that are on high and the kings of the earth --those human agents through whom those demon princes have worked!

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