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There's a place --A place where every one of you that have cried out for the Living God are going to be. I AM going to separate the precious from the vile this year. This shall come in 3 ways:

A) Families

B) Churches

C) Sinners taken from out of the world of sin and placed into Christ.

Do not be afraid. The awesome wind and fire of God will be in this place. But you will stand as you have always stood because of My holiness and you will cry for My power and I will meet you there that you might purify the "altar of the Lord. For I long to meet with you there in this place of the purified altar, where the pagan influences have been removed. The doctrinal impurities and all that disparages and grieves My people has been cleansed by the fire of God. Be willing to allow Me to work the work of God. Take your hands from off the sacrifice and allow it to lay before My eyes and to either be consumed as a sweet smelling savor of an acceptible sacrifice or to be refused and rejected by your God.

People will say: What happened to this one or that? And I will take you and I will bring you as Ezekiel to the door of the inner sanctuary and you will behold things that will cause you to weep buckets and rivers My people for the abuses which you will see there. Do not hide your eyes. Do not wink at the ignorance nor the rebellion, but deal with it as the faithful people of God and I will make of you a holy remnant that has a greater revelation of My abiding Presence, of My word and nature than you have ever dreamed!

As high as the heavens are above the earth, My ways and My thoughts top yours! Do not ascend above My word and dealings with you in this matter and attempt to "set in order" that which the hand of your God brings to nought or you will pay the price, and it will not be pleasant. You will be put to shame and embarrassed. Lay bare your own soul. Fall on your faces and weep. But not as Esau who despised the birthright he'd forfeited. Weep in the revelation of that which you behold, and do exactly what you are shown in My word is the appropriate and only response. For these are grave days. I must have a holy army of warriors that does not jeopardize the Camp of Israel, but through whom I can save to the uttermost those that come to Me by Christ Jesus. Be this holy army and arise under My direction and together we will take the land. Fail and you will become a buzz-word and a by-word for My Truth is marching on, and it shall not be subjected to the communion with Belial who is not Truth. Separate yourselves unto your Holy God as the Redeemed of the Lord, and I will give you the victory for which you have dreamed.

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