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It was in the early 1970's, that I first found my interest in Caledonia stirred. I'd known of our Scottish heritage, but not been aware that Caladonia was Scotland's ancient name. I was listening to Donovan songs! And I named my baby son Robert Donovan, and it's a wonderful name for him still! Both my Grandmother Laughlin and my Mom, called "Mum" in Canadian would speak of our heritage. In the early 80's I received a prophetic word regarding this nation. When we married in 1984, one of the songs at our wedding spoke of Jesus pouring out the Holy Spirit on Scotland.

The song goes like this:

Heathered hills are glowing with a misty touch of morn.
Glens as green as summer,
Telling ales of past forlorn.
I hear the pipes a callin through
The maze of tartans bright.
Beckoning my heart
To rugged Scotland's warmth and light.

O Jesus let your Spirit fall
And burn through Scotland fair.
Pour your rain on scattered lands.
The Shepherd's call is there.

From the time our daughter Amber Nicole was just a wee little lassie, the Campbell family was attending the Scottish Highland Festivals, where we could hear the bag pipes a callin, see Scottish dancers, highland games and eat some good Scottish food! We bought our little blond daughter a bright plaid tam and a red plaid dress and took her to the festivals all the time she was growing up. Here was where we saw the "maze of tartans" spoken of in our wedding song! It would stir the tartan blood in your veins to see such a large gathering of the clans. Our families hailed from Clan Graham and MacLachlan, and my mother would describe her grandmothers old trunk in the attic at the family home in Chatham Kent, Ontario, in which the Scotch-Irish great grandmother had placed old wool from the two tartans, and Clan Campbell of Argyle.

In the early 90's, God gave us a prophetic word entitled "Scotland's Sword Dance." This was published and God continued to work His destiny in our lives. In Dec. 1999- Feb. 2000 we adopted Zani our Romanian daughter, and spent several glorious weeks in Scotland, evangelizing in the various small villages and towns, and driving through those lovely Scottish highlands. I would hold and rock her and sing to her this song:

When my Bonnie was over the ocean
When my Bonnie was over the sea
When my Bonnie was over the ocean
Jesus brought me my Bonnie Baby!

It was here on Scottish soil, that we learned more of the "past forlorn" of our wedding song, with tales of Scottish warriors, and kings. Warriors such as Sir William Wallace (Braveheart) and Robert the Bruce.

While in Scotland, we attended the church services of Pastor Kelley in Glasgow, and Pastor Alex & Carol Crysanthous, in Stirling, who "dedicated our wee bairn" to the Lord. (Just launched her into life-Didn't baptize her, as it's unscriptural) The new UPC Pentecostal church plant holds it's services on Irvine, near Stirling Castle, in an old Catholic church.

You know, from ancient times kings have been crowned seated upon the Stone of Scone. But the real Stone on which we must each be established is Jesus Christ; The Shepherd, the Stone of Israel. He's the Great Clan Chief, and to Him shall the gatherin of the people be in these last days.

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