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Copyright 2001
T.C. Campbell
Breakthrough Intl.

Course Exam Number 15
Dance of Manahaim Study Course

Although no choreographed dances are specifically noted in scripture, we see in various Hebrew and Greek terms the terms for historic dance steps, such as David's dance before the ark of the covenant, or Miriams dance on the shore of the Red Sea. Hebrew definitions define these as dancing in which there was "leaping, skipping or whirling, etc."

From the chapter of your Dance of Manahaim syllabus, which Jewish dance is a Yememite leaping dance, accompanied by the scripture found in Psalm 133:1?


Write out this verse._______________________________




Name the dance based on an old "hora" melody.


What is the title of the dance whose name was taken from Isaiah 52-57?


Name the Jewish festival in which dancing is done holding the torah scroll?


What is the English title of the ancient dance, (the celebration of which is now lost) entitled Beth Ha Shoevah, in which dancing was done with lighted torches in the Court of the Women?


What Judaic movement began in southeastern Poland-Russia in the 18th century?


What sort of dances did they do or do they do today?____________________


Dances of the Bukhara Jews are similar to the dances of what european country?


What is the origin of the Ashkenazic Jews?


What does the term ASKENAZ mean in Hebrew?


Which folk language do Ashkenazic Jews speak?


The dance called the "hora," is a word originating in what east european regions?


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