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"The words of Jeremiah the son of Hilkiah, of the priests that were in Anathoth in the land of Benjamin."

Jeremiah 1:1


God Lifted & Strengthened Him

The young Jeremiah (Whose name means: "Yah lifts up") was living in Anathoth in the land of Benjamin, when the word of the Lord first cvame to him. It appears that he resided there for several years until persecution by his own countrymen, and even his own family forced him to flee. (Jer. 11:21)

Jeremiah felt keenly the rejection of his people, for he loved them dearly. At their carrying away into captivity, he suffered a great sense of anguish. That deep sense of sorrow which he experienced was, in actuality an intercessory burden that Jeremiah carried for the nation, allowing him to feel God's heart for the people of Israel. This also earned him the nickname, "The Weeping Prophet." And indeed, it was only the prophet's intimate knowledge of and fellowship with God that sustained him through this dark and tragic period of the nation's history. (10:23-24, 11:1812:26, 15:10-21, 17:9-18, 18:18-23, 20:7-18)


The fact that Jeremiah's residence was in Anathoth is evidence that the prophet belonged to the family line of Abiathar. (1 Kings 2:26-35) Abiathar was the only one who escaped when Saul massacred his father and 84 priests who had aided David. (1 Samuel 21:20-23) He fled on this occasion, taking with him the high priests ephod and used it to discern the will of the Lord. (1 Sam. 30:7-8)

One of Jeremiah's strength's was certainly due to the fact that his family had lived through this intense time of persecution. He grew up knowing that on's relationship with God was the thing to be valued most highly of all things in life.

When David became king, he made Abiathar the high priest. Remaining faithful to David through Absolom's rebellion, he lent suppport to Adonijah when David grew old and could no longer rule. Solomon upon his coronation; spared Abiathar's life because he had "shared all of his father's hardships," and had "carried the ark of God." (1 Kings 2:26)

In spite of his father Abiathar's lapse in devotion to the leadership of king David, Jeremiah seems to be an ally of King Josiah, working to help effect spiritual reform. He discerns the will of the Lord and sets a godly example even in the face of national apostacy by doing this.


Spiritually sensitive and acutely aware of God's dealings in his own life, Jeremiah denounced the false prophets and their lying pronouncments, boldly and publicly proclaiming the word of the Lord even in the face of the most severe circumstancess.

King Jehoiakim "burned his prophecies in the fireplace" and in Zedekiah's reign, he was thrown into the dungeon by Pashur, the chief governor. But Jeremiah remained unswervingly faithful to God with a "though He slay me, yet will I trust Him" attitude.

Jeremiah prophesied of the coming glories of the kingdom of God and of God's new covenant, emphasizing that God is a covenant keeping God, who punishes sin but God loves His people and because the old covenant of law had failed, God would institute a new covenant.

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