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Copyright 2001
T.C. Campbell
Breakthrough Intl.

Course Exam Number 20
Dance of Manahaim Study Course

Hula dance falls into two basic catagories. What are these two variations in this dance?


Originally, there was the understanding that hula came to the Hawaiian people through a woman dance instructor from which of the Hawaiian islands? The dance instructor as the story goes, taught the dances to her sister. When she taught her sister, she gave her three names under which she could teach, and one of these was Laka.

With the passing of time, the name of Laka came to be deified, though it was not originally associated with a deity. Among contemporary hula dancers, there has been the revival of the worship of a Laka as what?


The ipu is the primary instrument associated with hula. What is this instrument?


Dancers also use ili ili, in the dance. What are these?


How are they used?



Another musical instrument is the uli uli. What is this


Traditionally grass skirts were not worn in hula. What was the traditional costume worn?


What type of dance is hula


How did the meles or hula chants come about?


Under the sub-heading of The Mele or Chants, there's an interesting thing about the Hawaiian's belief in what?


And in what?________________________________________________

In Hawaii, what is known as the au'a'la?


Originally dancers mimed events, such as what?


What are the MELE KANIKUA?




What would have been far more productive as far as the gospel was concerned, and how should the early missionaries from America, who served in Hawaii have instructed the hawaiian peoples concerning the dance, instead of fearing and suppressing all dance?


Which notable Hawaiian defied the "fire-goddess" Pele in 1823?


How did this person do this, as an example to others


How did did the priests of Pele respond to this spiritual confrontation?


There are many churches using the hula to tell interpretive bible stories today. Some of these dances are done seated with arm and hand movements. Clothing is modest Christian apparel. The early Christians who suppressed all dance, did more to further the cause of paganism in Hawaii, in the long term, than to promote the gospel. Christians today, are shaking off the gnostic roots, and are presenting their bodies to God as instruments of righteousness. (Romans 6:13)

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