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October 5, 2001
To the church, the body of Christ:

You have stood by My providence. There shall surely come the strong winds spoken in My word. And now if the time to lean more fully upon the Son of Man, as the disciplke John leaned upon the breast of his beloved, (Lord) and did not wander to and fro as the manner of some is. But he camped upon One who is Life Eternal; that he should not be moved. That he would not be moved even when the strong winds came; which they surely did, for this was prophesied in My word says your God.

And yes, John himself fed upon the manna, yes, even that hidden manna, that I had placed deep within his heart, and which I called forth, and the very foundations of the depthes of his spirit were broken and gushed forth as a fountain of cleaning, as a prophetic encouragment for the church in those times in which he lived, and yes, for the church even now.

And I want you to know that even as those strong winds blow, there is One who is Life Eternal to you, to whom you can cling, and can cleave and not be moved. For they are coming in every way imaginable to infiltrate My church. By stealth and by direct confrontation and you know that one rotten apple spoils the barrel. So be wise as serpents and harmless as doves and know Him in whom you have believed. For in Me is life eternal, says the Lord. In Me is a fountain of cleansing to which you can come, so that Satan cannot come to you and say: You are not worthy to enter into the presence of your Lord. You have stood by grace through faith, when all about you seemed as though it would be dashed to pieces. When your eyes wept tears till you felt that you could cry no more, and know this: That the Son of man wept with you, and you were not alone. And when those gut-wretching sobs gushed forth; the One who sits on the throne of the Majesty on High, (Throne of God and of the Lamb-Rev. 3:21) walked in your midst and does walk even now, surveying the wreckage of the broken dreams and wounded hearts and I say: Come unto Me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. For I AM the "Rest Bringer."


Do not creep into the arms of this present world that you might find rest, but indeed run to the Saviour who loves you and gave His life for you. For if John the disciple had run to this world to find rest, he would never have entered into an eternal resting place when his time came to lay down that ministry on earth. He would have had no prophetic nor anointed and encouraging words with which to exhort My church. For his house would not have stood the storm winds when they blew, for it would have been built on shifting sands and not on that Rock that is eternal.

Therefore be exhorted this day, to walk in the Way of that One who has laid down Hid life for you. Walk in that Word of Life which you have heard. It is I, be not afraid. For I have given you a house eternal in the heavens. Be looking to this house says the Lord. For you know that if your earthly tabernacle is dissolved, you have a building of God --a house not made with hands, that shall never be diminished nor demolished for it abides forever. (Rev. 21:22)

October 5, 2001-WORDS OF KNOWLEDGE:

God gives me a vision--I do not know how far this is into the future--John 16:31, says: God will show us things to come.

But I see waves washing up on the beach, and sometimes there are bodies. I see looters running and wading in the water and looking through the victims pockets.

I see armies on the march, and they are shoulder to shoulder; though their uniforms are a different color.

I see old plans scrapped and new methodologies coming to the fore-front. You must pray for these new methodologies. Some shall be very alarming to you. And some should alarm you, but will not if you cannot see through the eyes of My Spirit says the Lord.

There is coming a day when certain of you will throw away that clipboard of yours, whereby you have judged in times past whether things were ship-shape--in favour of a new and living way. And you will love those you never thought it possible to love. For the inside shall be turned outside. And the new house shall shine with all the glory that it was meant. And they will come like an ever flowing stream to the mountain of the house of the Lord.

God shows me that He is going to give discernment and wisdom concerning people carrying hand guns to church.

At this present time, I see no warning regarding biological warfare, for Providence. But there are many intercessors in the church, and God will bring confirmation through His many membered body, to give you instructions and to give you wisdom and peace.

Do not take one prophecy as an excuse to rest on your bed of ease. Things are subject to change at a moments notice, and if you will walk in the Spirit, you will be shown beforehand.

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