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But now I am calling you to let your lower lights be burning. It is not the time to extinguish the light and to blow it out. But leave it to burn in the night and set it where it is needful says the Lord and the serpents will recoil at the very sight of this thy light--the Light of the Lord in your dwelling place. For I AM your eternal dwelling place, and He that walks in My light will have the very Light of Life." I AM your very breath says the Lord. The R-U-A-C-H which moves you here and there--does it not come from within your innermost bring? So then, My prophets and all of My precious flock: Take the Word of the Lord your God and run with it, but do not sit like sitting ducks waiting for the catastrophe to happen, with a "Let's see if" stance.

For I have stated in My Word that the days come when those of your own households will give you up! While you have influence use this influence of the Kingdom of God to carve out a path--to raise up a King's Highway across the land.

They shall go into Canada in great abundance where there is pardon. Do not go there as if "driven" by the excitement of such a happening. But go where I send you! Which may not seem so outwardly enticing, but when you open your mouth and speak that Word I give you to speak My son and My daughter, the sparks will fly and I will rend the very mountains which have stood in your way! Be not afraid to set your very foot upon that mountain by the Word of the Lord, for I will cause the nations to flee into it.


For I will make it as Petra and give you the Valley of Azal for a Door of Hope! Yea the earth shall quake at the sound of your voice and the ground shall move under your feet. Be not afraid. These things must be. For I am effecting a change in the religious systems of this world, which have stood even as pillars of salt and as brittle memorials of a bygone era.

The 7 Branch Lampstand Prophecy
Continued in Part #4

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