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1. Joseph Madison BURGER was born on the Old Hunt Place 26 Jun 1850 in Jefferson Co., Iowa, and died 26 Sep 1921 in Udell, IA. He remembered when the new house was built. His brother Samuel could drive a yoke of oxen and haul some of the material. Joseph Madison Burger is buried in Brethren Cemetery, Unionville, IA. He was the son of 2. Christian Whetstone BURGER and 3. Sarah "Sally Brown" BROWN, Joseph Madison Burger married the daughter of Rev. Samuel Ridenour and Phebe Ellen Murphy. See photo of Sam Ridenour on right. Selinda Jane RIDENOUR and Selinda jane married on 10 Nov 1870 in Libertyville Iowa (Brides Home). She was born 24 Apr 1853 in Wabash Co., IN, and came to Iowa at the age of 11 years. Selinda Burger died 14 Sep 1929 in Modesto, CA. She was buried in Bretheren Cemetery, Unionville, IA.

The Children of Samuel and Phebe Ridenour were: David Daniel born 1850, Selinda Born 1853 and Phebe Ellen born 1855

Children of Jospeh Madison Burger and Selinda Jane Ridenour:

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2


2. Christian Whetstone BURGER was born 1 Jul 1820 in Bedford Co., PA, and died 17 Mar 1890 in Libertyville, Jefferson Co., IA. He was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Libertyville IA. He was the son of 4. Samuel BURGER and 5. Susannah WHETSTONE The family is buried in the Dunkard Cemetery in Jefferson County, Iowa.

3. Sarah (Sally) BROWN She was the daughter of Samuel Brown and Elizabeth Forney. She married Christian Whetstone Burger. Her tombstone in the Dunkard Cemetery states that she died 29 July 1872, aged 41y 1 m, 13 d. Her husband Christian W. Burger, is also listed in records under various name varients, such as Christopher Burkett, Bergot, or Christian Burgert or Burget. Her obitary states that Sarah, wife of Christian W. Burger and daughter of Samuel Brown, died the last of July 1862, age 41y 1m and some days leaving a husband and five children.

Her parents Samuel Brown and Elizabeth Forney married on October 15, 1820. She is listed in Samuel Brown's German Bible as having been born on 16 Jun 1822 in Bedford Co., PA, and died 29 Jul 1862 in Libertyville, Jefferson Co., IA. This family bible was printed in Philadelphia in 1929 by Kimber and Sharpless (Buchh:ndler) She was buried in Bretheran Cemetery, Libertyville IA.

The Brown family line begins with Henry (Hendry) Brown, according to George H. Lebegott's papers. He is listed in these papers as 48 years of age on the 1789 tax list of Woodbury Township, Bedford County, PA, as having himself, five males less than 16, and three females in his family. He is mentioned in the 1884 history of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton counties, PA; as an early settler who lived near Keagy's Mill. Jacob Brown said to be the son of Henry Brown, was borrn 24 August, 1779 (from tombstone) and lived in Bedford County, where he married Elizabeth Ulrich/Ullery, born 8 April, 1781, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Brumbaugh) Ulrich.

Children of Sarah BROWN and Christian Whetstone BURGER


Ahnentafel, Generation No. 3


4. Samuel BURGER was born 24 Oct 1792 in Bedford Co., PA, and died 19 Apr 1870 in Batavia, IA. He was buried in Brethren Cemetery, Libertyville, IA. Sam Burger was the son of 8. Abraham Lewis BURGER and 9. Elizabeth Wettstein/WHETSTONE.

5. Susannah WHETSTONE was born 29 Jan 1798 in Bedford Co., PA, and died 2 Nov 1867 in Pine Creek Twp, Ogle Co., IL. She was buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Ogle Co., IL.

Children of Susannah WHETSTONE and Samuel BURGER


Ahnentafel, Generation No. 4


8. Abraham Lewis BURGER was born in 1766 in the American Colonies. He was the son of Johannes (Hans) Michel Borghaus/Borger born 5 March 1745 in the Rhineland Provinces. Abraham Lewis Burger died 1 Apr 1828 in Bedford Co., PA. Married Elizabeth Whetstone/Wetzstein/Wettstein 1791 in the American Colonies.

* The Lewis family were originally French Huguenots who fled France at the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. The original spelling of the name Lewis was the French spelling "Louys." We have records for the Louys in our pages on Jonas and Jean henri Fortineau. 9. Elizabeth WHETSTONE/Wettstein/Wetzstein was born 31 October 1769 in the American Colonies, and died Apr 1849 in Bedford Co., PA. She was the daughter of Johann Christian Wetzstein/Whetstone,who was born 5 March 1740-41 and died in 1810. Johann Christian Wetzstein's parents were Peter Wetzstein born 1 February 1706 in Sigmaringen, Germany-died 1778 in Funkstown, Maryland and Anna Ursula Heilig born 1714 in Sigmaringen, Germany. Peter/Pettrus Wetzstein is the son of Jorg Wetzstein (the son of Heinrich Wetzstein born 1650 in Germany-Barbara Shaver born 1655 in Germany) and Anna Catharina Dilliborn 5 October 1692 in Baden, Germany

Children of Elizabeth Wettstein/WHETSTONE and Abraham Lewis BURGER are:

Alana Campbell is a descendant through William Chester Hunt & Margaret Elizabeth Burger Hunt, the daughter of Joseph & Selinda Ridenour Burger.

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