Who Is This Yeshua haMashiach?
God's Kingdom Come VS The Demonic Warring Spirit of Infirmity


Jesus said: For without Me you can do nothing. (John 15)

The following testimonies are from patients who have awakened and/or improved following a persistent vegetative state, an irreversible coma or death.

If you have a loved one that you are believing God for, you can learn more about biblical healing here.

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For literature on Nurses For Life, contact Directory Assistance. On the internet, you can look under Julie Grimstad's name, Yeshua haMashiach/Jesus Christ's miracles, and biblical healing, for more information. Quotes from "The Right to Live—and the Right to Die," Law Guardian (England), 4/7/90 by Keith Andrews Director of Medical and Research Services Brain Injury Unit Royal Hospital and Home Putney London SW15

"Two weeks ago, I came across one man in the U.S. who had been in the vegetative state for four years and is now walking."

"Probably the most likely possibility is that brain injured people are not being allowed to reach their optimal recovery because they are not offered the opportunity of rehabilitation programme .... The experience on our Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit is that nearly all those patients admitted in PVS are suffering from undernutrition... and have developed deformities which further inhibit recovery."

"Rehabilitation for these patients has not been tried and found wanting, it is wanted but, too often, not been tried." Always seek Jesus Christ as not only the Saviour of your soul, but as the healer of your body. The Greek term "SOZO" meaning salvation, speaks of healing for the whole man.

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