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Welcome to the online art studio of Alana Campbell. I am an artist living on west coast of America, and I work in oils, acrylics, watercolor, pastels, and pen and ink. My focus on art began as a child when I was encouraged by my Danish grandmother who was an artist in oils.

My husband, Tom is a master craftsman in the stone trade, working with a number of quality natural stone materials to improve the appearance of the space where his clients live and work.

The Song of Jericho
Girl In A Velvet Cape Breton Mother & Child
Rue de Paris Two Dancers The Vineyard
L'Achat de Fleurs Under The Apple Trees Boujolais Nouveau Breton Village Afternoon In Seville
Gathering Rosebuds The Water Ballet
The Lily of Provence Vive Le France! Dancer With Tambourine Provence Sunflowers The Angel's Song The Quai Lavendar Farm The Flowers You Brought A Japanese Garden Monet's Water Ballet Hydrangeas Marche Aux Fleurs In The Park Tuscan Market Place Anthuriums! Vive La France! The Apple Seller The Flower Seller Selah Mammoni! A Glimpse In The Mirror Beaujolais Nouveau Gare De L'Est Gift of the Cranes
Bird of Paradise Flower Market On The Singl Tropical Botanical Bon Marche Awaiting The Fishing Boats The Memorial

Johannisberg Reisling Vineyard Marche La Provencal Under The Sun Palais de Grace Village of Saint Pierre The Place Du Tertre
Marchand De Fleurs The Circus Ticket Man The Wedding Bouquet La Maison Du Fromage The Tree of Life Is Blooming! Girl With A Yellow Vase Rue Du Royale-Place Madeleine Mary Still Life Apples The Flower Shop A Boating Afternoon Marche Du Larochelle The Village of Auvers The Tuscan Farmer's Market Up From The Wilderness Bouquet De Fleurs Light The Menorah The Song of the Sea Budding Branches The Memorial

Flowers For The Market The Breton Watchman Girl And Her Dog French Flower Market Afternoon In Seville The Market In The Cathedral Square Paris Summer Bouquet Old Orchard Singing In The Wilderness The Lavender Field La Floriste Marche De Poissons Budding Blossoms Market Day A Time To Sow Gare le Est Marche d'Automne The Produce Market Blue Hydrangeas The Song of Jericho A Boating Afternoon Breton Market Children of Bretagne Breton Women Picking Apples Sugar Plum Land Bouquet De Fleurs Song of the Sea Deerfield Village Lily of Provence A Mid Summer Afternoon Palais de Grace The Lovers A Time To Sow Breton Wharf David's Harp Harvesting The Hay Hydrangeas Street Musicians Still Life Fruit The Market At Cathedral Square A Bavarian Celebration Original Art Illustrations La Graine et le Mulet
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Tom & Alana Campbell
5214 South 2nd Avenue
Everett, Washington 98203 USA
Telephone (425) 252-2981

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