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The Hoppe surname is of North German and Dutch origins: variant of Hopp. South German: nickname from dialect hoppen ‘to hop’ (a variant of standard German hüpfen). This name is widespread throughout central Europe. Danish: from North German Hopp (see Hopf), or the Danish byname Hoppe ‘horse’, ‘mare’. English: metonymic form of Hopper 1.


Rabbai Bernhardt/Bernard Hoppe was born in Germany in 1834. He immigrated to the United States in 1860, according to the Ohio census record. This census, records Bernard and his wife "Rhoda Susanna" as living in Congress Township West Salem Village, Wayne, Ohio. The census records estimate Bernhardt's birth in 1835, but the headstone on his grave at West Park Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio states that he was born in 1834. His wife Rhoda Susanna Hanks Hoppe was born in Venango County Pennsylvania in 1847. When she was a very small child, she was called "Rhody," which appears on a census record for the Parker family, with whom she and her mother resided following her father's death. Later records show that she used her middle name, which was "Susanna." When her widowed mother married John Thompson Parker, she used the Parker surname for some time, or state authorities used it in records. Official state records for Ohio contain her mother Julia Parker's will, which names her as "Susie Hoppe." The grave marker uses the name Susanna. Interestingly enough, Rhoda Susaana is not interred at the West Park Cemetery of Cleveland, Ohio in this gravesite which bears her name, along with that of her husband Bernhard and daughter Bessie. After her husband died she went to Washington state to live with her son Victor Hoppe, and this is where she died and is buried.

The Rhoda Hanks father was born in Connecticut and her mother was born in Pennsylvania. Her father died when she was a little girl of less than 3 years old, and her mother went to live with the William Parker family. Rabbai Bernardt (aka Bernard, Brenhard, Brenha*) Hoppe married Rhoda Susanna Hanks in approximately 1873,and the 1900 Census lists them as having been married for 27 years at this time. The spelling variant for Bernhardt using "Brenha Hoppe"* is from the 1900 Census record for West Salem Village, Wayne County, Ohio. In this particular census, he is listed as the father of 17 year old Victor Hugo Hoppe. Rhoda Hoppe is the mother and siblings listed are Werner and Herman B.

Official documents for Bernard Hoppe list his birthplace as Prussia or Germany. His birth date reflects that the kingdom was Prussia existed at that time in history. At the date of the 1880 Ohio census, the Bernhard and Rhoda Hoppe had 2 year old son Werner, who was born about February 12, 1878, but son Victor Hugo Hoppe was not yet born. Their son Werner Hoppe was born in Illinois when his father was age 39 years of age. From records, Victor Hugo Hoppe's birth occured when his father was 47 years of age.

Ohio birth records also list a son by the name of Carl C. Hoppe, born 01 February 1886, born at Summit, Ohio for parents Bernhardt Hoppe and Rhoda S Hanks.

Census records for Ohio list 6 children for Bernhardt and Rhoda Hoppe. One of their children, a son died at age 2 years. Here are five of the Hoppe children. 1) Elizabeth (Bessie) Hoppe born: 1874-in Pennsylvania, and died of Uremia in Cleveland, Ohio in 1915, while residing with her parents at 7929 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, Ohio. Her death came just 2 years after her father's. She was just 41 years of age. 2) J Werner Hoppe was born in Fayette County, Illinois on February 1878. He died in Spokane, Wa while on a visit, in 1917) and he was 41 years of age. 3) Victor Hugo Hoppe born: October 1, 1883, in Salem, Ohio and died 1955. 4) Carl "C" Hoppe was born on 01 February 1886 in Summit, Ohio, died: 11 May, 1889 (3 years of age) and Herman B (Brenhardt) Hoppe born 30 Jan. 1888 in Salem, Ohio. Herman's draft Registration card calls him Herman Brenhardt Hoppe. Herman was a vetern of World War I and is listed as a US Army sergeant. He is buried in the Los Angeles National Cemetery, Cemetery Section id #94, Row #V, Site #6. In 1920 census record, he lived in San Francisco. The 1923 census records him at Sawtelle, California in a US National Home For Disabled Soldiers, and he was still there in 1930. He died 08 August 1958 at age 70.

Bernhardt Hoppe died on 22 July 1913 at Cleveland/Cuyahoga, Ohio. His age was 78 years 9 mos and 22 days. His address at time of death was 7929 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, Ohio. He was buried in West Park Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio.

Following the death of her husband, the Washington state Whatcom County census records state Rhoda Hoppe as residing with her son Victor Hugo Hoppe, who was 35 years of age. The memorial mentions the use of the name "Susanna." His wife Ardelle was 29 and the couple daughter, Joan Hoppe was age 2. Also living in the family home was a 21 year old family member from Victor Hoppe's wife's side of the family named Evelyn Russell.


Rhoda Hoppe's birth-father's city of birth in Connecticut is still unknown to me. Her father died when she was young. A family member posted the following information on 21 July 2009: Rhoda Susan Hanks was born in 1847 in Vernango Co. Pa and is listed in 1850 census for Findley Twp, Mercer Co. Pa with her mother Julia Hanks. They were listed with family of William Parker and his wife Mary Ann Thompson Parker and their family. Following her husbands death, Julia Hanks and her daughter Rhoda Susanna Hanks went to live with a married couple named William and Mary Ann Parker and their family of 5 children, and this is noted in census records which name them as John T, (age 19) James M, (age 17) Matthew, (age 15) Agnes (age 13) and Sarah J, (age 8). Julia Hanks (age 23) and her 3 year old daughter Rhody are listed in the 1850 census for Findley, Mercer County Pennsylvania. In time, Julia married the oldest Parker son, John Thompson Parker; (age 19 in the 1850 census) and they moved to Youngstown, Mahoning Co. Ohio. In 1860 census she was listed as Susanna Parker. In her mother, Julia Parker's will she is called Mrs. Susie Hoppe of West Salem Ohio." The 1890 U.S. Census of Union Veterns and Widows of the Civil War 1890 records John T Parker and spouse Julia A. at Mahoning, Ohio, US. The U.S. General Index to Pension Files for 1890, Ohio, lists the beneficiary's name as Julia A Parker. John T Parker is also listed in the Ohio Death Index 1908-1932 as having died March 18, 1924 a Cuyahoga, Ohio. Cuyahoga is also the location where John T Parker's step-daughter Rhoda's husband Bernhardt Hoppe lived before he died and he is buried there.

Name varients for Rhoda Hoppe include as Roda, Rhoda, and Rhode Susan, Susie Hanks in state records, and the U.S. Census of 1920 lists the 72 year old wife of Bernard Hoppe as widowed, four years prior to her own death.

The names of the great grandparents, Bernhardt and Rhoda Susanna Hanks) was supplied as Sarah Rohan Hanks Hoppe, by descendant Joan Ruth Hoppe. I include this as research is continually being done and someone may resolve this name variant. The Bayview Cemetery and numerous censuses from Ohio and Washington state call Bernhardt Hoppe's wife, Rhoda Susanna Hanks Hoppe. In the 1880 Ohio census, a Brenhard Hoppe is listed as having been born in 1839. He was 7-8 years older than Rhoda S, which is the legal name as recorded by Ohio and Washington state records. One Ohio cencus states he was 41 and she was 33 years of age.

A small online memorial for Sarah Rohan Hanks Hoppe at Bayview Cemetery in Bellingham, Wa; states the following: She died in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington on 27 December 1925, at 76 years of age. She was also known by her middle name Susanna. Born Rhoda Hanks in 1847 in Venango County,Pennsylvania, she moved to Youngstown, Ohio when her mother married Julia Boyle married John Thompson Parker. Her name is sometimes noted as Rhoda Parker, the last name of her step-father. She married Bernhard Hoppe and they had four children. She is buried in Bayview Cemetery, Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington state.


Victor Hugo Hoppe was the drama professor at Western Washington University for over 45 years. One of his students Angus Bowmer, came to be known as the Bard of Ashland. When Angus Bowmer was a student, and for many years after, speech professor Victor Hoppe staged plays on the grassy knoll in front of The Main Building and in its auditorium. Victor Hoppe was particularly fond of Shakespeare.

When Bowmer left Bellingham Normal School in 1923, he took along a teaching certificate, and an idea. After earning a University of Washington master's degree, he began teaching theater in a small southern Oregon town.

Twelve years later, Bowmer proposed outdoor Shakespeare performances to Ashland's city fathers. They advanced him $400 to stage two plays within the walls of a roofless building that had housed Chautauqua educational programs in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He promised topresent boxing matches at intermission to make sure the festival broke even.

On July 5, 1935, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival opened with outdoor productions, and has run for over 60 years.

The wife of Victor Hoppe, "Ardelle Russell Hoppe," was born 29 MAY 1890 in Kalamazoo,Michigan, and died 6 OCT 1983 in Edmonds,Washington.

Children of Victor Hugo HOPPE and Ardelle RUSSELL are:


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