(AIJELETH SHAHAR: The Glory of the Lord
Psalm 22


The Hebrew title: "Aijeleth Shahar," or "Hind of the Morning;" has particular significance with regard to the glory of God. When Israel saw the deer with his forked- like antlers raised in the morning mist, it reminded them of the glory of the sun's rays. From this comes the title of Psalm 22, and this prophetic word.


Ah, behold it is the "Hind of the Morning" drinking in and savoring the sweetness of your praises and feeding as it is written: "among the lilies." His head is lifted up in the morning light.

My people you are "one" with your glorious Lord...I who am the glory and the lifter up of your head---"The Hind of the Morning." You are even as a hind let loose, and I have set you upon your high places. You give goodly words. The voice of the Lord causes the deep to calve.

You have been walking ---even as the Hind of the Morning in the stream beds and the water brooks and drinking of the rivers and the living streams. And everywhere you walk, there is newness of life springing forth as it is written:

I will dwell in them and walk in them and I will be their God and they shall be My people."


The ears of the hind hear the sound of rushing mighty waters. It is the cascading waters of a gigantic river, as it finds a low place and it's waters pour into it. The low places are being filled and the high places are coming down that the glory of your Lord might be revealed.

The trees are budding and bursting into bloom and the fragrance fills the nostrils with the heady scent of Spring. And your King comes to you daughter of Zion, leaping on the mountains and skipping on the hills. The sparks fly as it were, where His hooves touch down, igniting a fire that burns.


I have heard your voice My beloved, calling to Me says the Lord:

" Be thou as the roe or the young hart upon the mountains of Bether (meaning separation.)"

Song of Solomon 2:17

And I have come this day to remind you: It is Christ that died, yes rather is risen:

"Who shall separate you from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation or distress, persecution, or famine? Shall peril or sword? No in all these things you are more than conquerors through Him that loves you. Not death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, not powers, nor things present, nor things to come. There is no height nor any depth nor any creature that can separate you from the love of God which is in Jesus Christ your Lord."

Romans 8:34-39

For in Me you died and now are risen to take your rightful position in Me. Lift up---Lift up the Head. And there will be lifting up. For even as you lift up your Head (Jesus Christ) and the rays of light permeate the morning mist---the light of Christ burns away the haze.


Naphtali (wrestlings) you are a hind let loose. Come with Me from Lebanon (the mountain of snow) Look with Me from Amana. (covenant) From the top of Shenir (the mountain that resists being broken up by the plough) and Hermon (to cut off) from the lions dens from the mountain of leopards.

The thawing of the ice and snow has come, and there is the sound of rushing waters as the streams and the rivers overflow their banks. And that which has been embanked against you is being dissolved. The river is carrying it away. It is a river that flows down from a very high place---and waters the valleys of the earth.

As light breaking forth oer the hills---the sun rising, My glory is being seen upon you. The hind which I let loose is going into all the world. Lift up your Head hind of the morning---pant as the hart for the water-brook, for the living streams. For the tender grass, and for the willows by the water courses, for they are verdantly green. Take your fawns to the field.


O the Lord is your strength and He has made your feet like hinds feet. He has made you to walk upon your high places, that He might bring down the host of the high ones that are on high---and exalt them of low degree.

For this is Aijalon (the deer-field) says the Lord. Where the very sun and the moon shall even obey the goodly words of the Hind of the Morning," ---and My day shall be lengthened---yes, "prolonged"that you might be partakers of the harvest says the Lord.

For there are kings in their places---I say the kings are in their places---and they would cover the earth with a deepening darkness that is so great. Run Aijeleth like the wind, Run hind of the morning even with My wind and in My wind--My beautiful one---for you see the valley and the field and the mighty people set in battle array---As morning spreading upon the mountains. It's the glory! It's the glory of the Lord! The glory of the Lord is spreading over all the earth.

You see the urgency of the hour. Therefore drink deeply of that which I give you this day---drink of this brook in the Way. Drink of that mighty river that flows from the throne of God and "lift up the Head." And your head shall be lifted up above your enemies.


For the kings of the earth have set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against His anointed saying: "Let's cast away their cords from us, but I shall have them in derision---yes, we shall laugh. For it's a vain thing that they have imagined against Me and against My anointed says the Lord of Hosts---says the Lord your Almighty God.

For the One whom the hunters pursued so relentlessly---whom the archers grieved and shot at and wounded to death, yes, now is risen to life. For the transgression of His people was He stricken. It is written: "It pleased the Lord to bruise Him." He shall see His seed and prolong His days. " My days are prolonged in you, My children of the day. And My seed shall serve Me and be counted for a generation that will declare My name. And you shall come and shall declare My righteousness to a people ---even a people that shall be born. My Spirit cries as deep to the deep, yes, continues to cry: "Who shall declare My generation?" And you have responded---and yes continue to respond: We shall declare your generation--both now, and yes; even to a people which shall be born.

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