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The "new" image is displayed next to profiles which have been added since 3 May 2000.  Other entries have been updated -- see the updates log for details.  Programmes taking their names from individuals (real or fictitious) are listed by forename rather than surname if the forename appears first.
Absolute Power
An Actor's Life For Me
The Adventures of John and Tony
Aesthete's Foot
After Henry
The Airport
The Alan Davies Show
Alan Parker
Alan Parker's 29 Minutes of Truth
Alan Parker: Roadwarrior
Alan's Big 1FM
All The World's A Globe
The (Almost) Accidental Adventures of Bell and Todd
And Now In Colour
Any Bloke
Any Other Business
Are You From the Bugle?
Armando Iannucci
Armstrong and Miller
Arnold Brown and Company
At Home with Hinge and Bracket
At Home With The Hardys
The Attractive Young Rabbi
Audio Diaries
Babblewick Hall
Bangers and Mash
Beachcomber... By The Way
The Beaton Generation
The Big Booth
The Big Fun Show
A Bit of Fry and Laurie
Bits from Last Week's Radio
The Blackburn Files
Blood And Bruises
Blue Jam
The Bodgers
Boogie up the River
Brogue Male
Bussmann and Quantick Kingsize
Cabaret Upstairs
Capital Gains
The Cheese Shop Presents: The Butter Factor
Children's Hour... with Armstrong and Miller
The Chris Morris Music Show
The Christopher Marlowe Mysteries
The Classic Buskers
Club Class
The Comedy Network
Coming Alive
Control Group Six
The Cookbook of Apicius
Country Matters
The Cradleys
The Cruiskeen Lawn
The Crusader Chronicles
The Curried Goat Show
Cutler The Lax
Dan and Nick: The Wildebeest Years
Date with Fate
Dead Ringers
Dear Jenny, Dear Julie
Delve Special
Desmond Olivier Dingle's Compleat Life and Works of William Shakespeare by Desmond Olivier Dingle
Dial M For Pizza
The Diary of a Twentieth Century Vampire
Dinner Ladies
Do Go On
Doon Your Way
Double Dribble
Down Your Ear
Driving To Distraction
Drop Me Here, Darling
Dry Slopes
Eamon, Older Brother of Jesus
Eastern Mix
Elastic Planet
The Elephant Man
The Emerald Green Show
The End of the Roadshow
England's Glory
Fab TV
The Fall of the Mausoleum Club
Fat Chance
Festival Lounge
Five Squeezy Pieces
Flying The Flag
Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel
For Better Or For Worse
For One Horrible Moment
The Fosdyke Saga
4 At The Store
The Fun-Filled Days of Harriet Knight
Galton and Simpson Radio Playhouse
George Melly's Owning Up...
The Ghost of Number Ten
Girls Will Be Girls
The Goldfish Bowl
The Good Human Guide
Goodness Gracious Me!
Grease Monkeys
Grievous Bodily Radio
The Griff Rhys Jones Show
Growing Pains
The Grumbleweeds In...
The Grumbleweeds' Radio Show
Hair in the Gate
Half Sketch Half Biscuit
A Half-Baked Life
The Harpoon
Harry Hill's Fruit Corner
Hearing With Hegley
Heated Rollers
Henry Normal's Encyclopaedia Poetica
Hey Rrradio!!!
Home Again
The House of the Spirit Levels
The Hudson and Pepperdine Show
I'm Glad You Asked Me That
Idle Thoughts
If You're So Clever, Why Aren't You Rich?
The Iguanodon
In Excess
In One Ear
In The Red
Inside Sasha
It Sticks Out Half A Mile
J Kingston Platt
Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation
Jimmy's Cricket Team
The Joys of Yiddish
Just Juliette
Kailyard Blues
Kate and Cindy
Katmandu Or Bust
King Cutler
King of Bath
King of the Road
King Street Junior
Kit and the Widow's Grand Tour
Knowing Knowing Me, Knowing You
Knowing Me, Knowing You
The Knowledge
Late Edition
The League Against Tedium
Lee and Herring
Lee and Herring's Fist of Fun
Legal, Decent, Honest and Truthful
The Legend of Los Trombastardos
The Legendary Series
Lenin Of The Rovers
Les and Robert
Life, Death and Sex with Mike and Sue
Like They've Never Been Gone
Lionel Nimrod's Inexplicable World
Lip Service
Little Blighty On The Down
Live On Arrival
The Long Hot Satsuma
A Look Back at the Future
A Look Back at the Nineties
Loose Talk
Love 40 - New Balls Please
Lynthwaite Ladies
MacFlintock's Palace
Maclean: The Memorex Years
The Mahaffys
Man of Soup
The Mark Steel Lecture
The Mark Steel Revolution
The Mark Steel Solution
The Mary Whitehouse Experience
Masala FM
The Masterson Inheritance
Mightier Than The Sword
Mike's Secret Mike
The Miles and Millner Show
The Million Pound Radio Show
Mind Your Own Business
Minor Adjustment
My Booze Hell, by Little Johnny Cartilage
My Life As A Car
My Mammy and Me
My Uncle Freddie
Naked Radio
Never Too Late
The News Huddlines
The Nick Revell Show
Nigel and Earl Sort Out the World
Nineteen Ninety Eight
Nineteen Ninety Four
No Commitments
North East of Eden
The Now Show
The Nualas
The O'Show
Oh Mother!
Old Dog and Partridge
Old Harry's Game
The Older Woman
On Baby Street
On The Hour
On The Town with the League of Gentlemen
Only Fools and Horses
Our Man At Wembley
Paradise Lost in Cyberspace
Paradise Lost in Space
Paris, London
The Party Party
The Patrick and Maureen Maybe Music Experience
People Like Us
The Phenomenon Squad
A Proper Charlie
Protesting Too Much
Quando Quando Quando
The Queen of Romance
Radio Active
Radio Cars
Radio Shuttleworth
Radio Tip Top
Rainer Hersch's All Classical Music Explained
The Random Jottings of Hinge and Bracket
Revolting People
Richard Barton - General Practitioner!
Room 101
The Routemasters
Saturday Night Fry
Sean Lock's 15 Minutes of Misery
Sean Lock's 15 Storeys High
Second Thoughts
The Secret Life of Rosewood Avenue
Semi Circles
September Song
Seymour the Fractal Cat
Shuttleworth's Showtime
The Shuttleworths
Simon's Bug
The Sit-Crom
1690 And All That
The Skivers
S-Laughter in the Dark
Slices of Life with Phill Jupitus
The Smart Couple
Smith and Jones Sound Off
Some of our Pilots are Missing
Son Of Cliché
Sorry About Last Night
Spangles 'n' Tights
A Square of One's Own
Starring Leslie Willey
Stockport... So Good They Named It Once
Struck Off And Die!
Such Rotten Luck
The Sunday Format
Sunny Side Up
Taking It Up The Octave
Tales From A Long Room
Tales of the Mausoleum Club
That Was The Hole In The Wall Gang, So It Was
There Were These Five Irish Persons
To The Manor Born
Travels With My Anti-Semitism
The Treatment
The Trial of Aaron Sherwood
Truly, Madly, Bletchley
Trust Me, I'm A Policeman
TV Dinners
Twenty Players
The Two Dannys
The Unauthorised Biography of the United Kingdom
Uncle Mort
Unnatural Acts
Up the Garden Path
Up the Tyne in a Flummox
A Very Private Man
The Very World of Milton Jones
Victor Lewis Smith
Victoria Wood As Heard On TV
Visiting Julia
Wally Who?
The Way It Is
We Know Everything
Week Ending
The Weekend Starts Here
When Harry Met Ally
A Whole New Ball Game
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Why Bother?
Wonderland Girls
The Wordsmiths At Gorsemere
The World As We Know It
The World of Dowie
World Of Pub
The Worriers
The Wow Show
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
You Asked For It
You Start, I'll Join In
The Young Postmen
Z Magazine

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