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Updates Log

3 May 2000
Well, that's most of 1999 -- and quite a bit of 2000 out of the way.  There are a few 'gaps', some of which I'm on the trail of...  there is, however, new stuff on Bookcases, Some Of Our Pilots Are Missing, Stockport... So Good They Named It Once, The Attractive Young Rabbi, The Routemasters, Sean Lock's 15 Storeys High, The Weekend Starts Here, Just Juliette, The Adventures of John and Tony, Quando Quando Quando, King of the Road, The Big Booth, Absolute Power, Dead Ringers, The O'Show, Revolting People and The Hudson and Pepperdine Show.  And as if that weren't enough... updates on Ballylenon, No Commitments, Grease Monkeys, Audio Diaries, Life, Death and Sex with Mike and Sue, The Very World of Milton Jones, Bristow, Five Squeezy Pieces, The Goldfish Bowl, Hearing With Hegley and -- stepping back a bit -- Hey Rrradio!!!  Phew. 

11 March
Loads of new stuff on old shows, mainly from finally getting around to processing (most of) the zealous Mike Scott's contributions...  Most importantly, there's plenty of new info on The Mary Whitehouse Experience (and a new link -- thanks to Peter B for that).  Plus assorted major and minor additions and corrections for The Nick Revell Show, The Harpoon, Loose Talk, Room 101, The Comedy Network, Girls Will Be Girls, Blue Jam, Live on Arrival and Mightier Than The Sword, and brand spanking new entries for Saturday Night Fry mk 1 and (at long last) Why Bother?  It's worth pointing out here that the entries are no longer exclusively by me, so check the attribution line at the bottom before sending abuse. 
The ongoing trawl through 1999, meanwhile, brings us this month to Man of Soup, Travels With My Anti-Semitism, Lynthwaite Ladies, Only Fools and Horses, The Unauthorised Biography of the United Kingdom, The Mark Steel Lecture and Sorry About Last Night.  Plus, more production details on Goodness Gracious Me!, and a link to some of the work of Ivan Shakespeare, the man behind A Square Of One's Own, who sadly died earlier this year.  One of the virtues of the internet, I suppose, is that those who are gone are, increasingly, not forgotten...

15 February
See, I told you I'd get round to it. The year two thousand. Shiny suits, sliding doors. And what has humankind achieved? In my case, a slightly extended entry for And Now In Colour.  (This has deep symbolic significance... oh, never mind).  Oh, there's also a little more on Radio Active, an updated feature on The Way It Is correcting all the foolish errors and mistakes I've known about for the past six months or so and not done anything about, and alterations to the Miles and Millner Show entry to remove the embarrassing references to people who don't exist.  We're doing well!  Plug on the front page for Sheep's radio comedy notification listy thingy.  Other than that, the site still looks exactly as it did all that time ago...  must do something about that.

27 June 1999
New shows: Bristow, The Legend of Los Trombastardos, The World As We Know It, Yes Sir I Can Boogie.  New entries for old shows: Naked Radio (thanks to Richard H), Saturday Night Fry, Tales From and The Fall Of The Mausoleum Club, The Long Hot Satsuma (thanks to David Brain), and also McKay the New (thanks due here to John O'Farrell).  Corrections to the Mary Whitehouse Experience entry, and more info on Hey Rrradio!!!, courtesy Andy Davidson. More details (thanks to John O again) on A Look Back At The Nineties/Future and Little Blighty on the Down, the incorrect dating for which has been sorted out.
Changes to the "Help!" page, removing queries people have recently dealt with and adding to the Badly Spelled Writers list. The Name Index is now out of date again, of course....

16 May
New profiles: Married (new show), My Uncle Freddie (including the 1998 series) and Jimmy's Cricket Team (Radio 2 show from the early nineties -- thanks to Peter Bibbings who wrote part of this profile).  Updates to Old Harry's Game, I'm Glad You Asked Me That and Do Go On, all of which have had new series broadcast in the past couple of months.  Very, very minor edits to Nigel and Earl Sort Out The World and The Bodgers.  Reinstalled the version of the Programme Index which comes up in the left-hand frame, which turns out to have been missing about ten shows for no good reason.  Alterations to the coding on the title page due to changes to do with the UK Broadcasting Webring.

12 April
New profiles: Fat Chance, King of Bath and Heated Rollers from the current crop, Our Man at Wembley from last year, The Bodgers, The Wow Show and In One Ear from the eighties (thanks to Simon Davis). Minor correction to Five Squeezy Pieces, and overhaul of The Way It Is. Name Index is now up to date again. Feeling in need of assistance, so installed the help page; added to front page details of the cheeseshop e-mail discussion list, which I've just found, and of my own announce-only updates list which I'm setting up so you can receive pointless information like what you're reading now as soon as it's available. Changed all the text on the load-up page to different but basically similar text. No reason, I just felt like it.

21 March
New profiles: The News Huddlines, The Patrick and Maureen Maybe Music Experience, The Treatment, MacFlintock's Palace, Coming Alive, The Sunday Format, Sunny Side Up. Updates to a few other shows, mostly those with recent new series. Corrections (courtesy David Tyler) to the dates and credits for Unnatural Acts/At Home with the Hardys. And yet more fiddling about with the look of the front page. Give us a shout if the complicated new nested table thingies don't manifest properly on your system.

21 February
At long last, the history page is finished and installed. Also added a page listing the TV adaptations of programmes featured in the index. Apart from that, a bit more messing about with the front page, and new links to Mike Brown's episode guide pages for Radio Active and (on the classic links page) The Burkiss Way.

14 February
Profiles added for some new shows — Bangers and Mash, Galton and Simpson Radio Playhouse, Sean Lock's 15 Minutes of Misery, For One Horrible Moment, Old Dog and Partridge, The Ghost of Number Ten — and some old shows — Mightier Than The Sword, Up the Tyne in a Flummox, Half Sketch Half Biscuit, Nigel and Earl Sort Out the World, Lip Service and When Harry Met Ally.  Thanks to John D for putting me onto a couple of these.  Updates to Blue Jam, The Butter Factor, World of Pub and On The Town... with the League of Gentlemen.  Also, courtesy of David Tyler, a more illuminating profile of The Big Fun Show, plus minor tweaks to a couple of other programmes once under his tutelage.
Fully updated the name index.  This is a very boring task indeed.  Also messed around with the design of the front page, which wouldn't be at all boring if I was using a web editor.

11 January
One or two HTML tweaks, and the Alan Davies Show page, which appears to have got lost somewhere, has been reinstalled. Thanks to Stuart Leitch for the drawing of the attention.

10 January
New profiles: The Now Show, Rainer Hersch’s All Classical Music Explained, Five Squeezy Pieces, The Cradleys, Kailyard Blues, Radio Shuttleworth, Kate and Cindy, Maclean: The Memorex Years, Children’s Hour... with Armstrong and Miller, 4 At The Store, The Smart Couple and The Worriers.  Which brings us pretty much up to date, leaving aside the little matter of the six entirely new series recently started on Radio 4 alone which I haven’t so much as looked at.  Also a few updates to existing profiles (additional series, etc) and a few other tweaks.  But even I’m not interested in the details of those so there’s no reason to suppose you are.

8 December 1998
Frame system fiddled about with a bit.

29 November
New pages for Whizzalongawavelength, The Good Human Guide, Live On Arrival and Dial M For Pizza — the first two due to the researches of Andrew, again, and the others based on information received from that nice Mr Tyler.  Mr Tyler is a radio producer and thus knows things about programmes which have been on the radio.
Finally steeled myself and updated the name index, which was a harrowing task taking the best part of seven hours (about four hours, then).  The index is now fully up to date for all the programmes listed, contains something in the region of a thousand entries, and is practically impossible to edit except as raw HTML.  The downside, though, is that I wasn’t exactly sober when I was doing the updates so any number of mistakes are likely to have crept in (well, just sort of strolled in casually, really).
Fiddled about with the front of the site by installing a frameset which allows you to view the profiles in a big window with a smaller one to the left showing the site contents or one of the indexes.  Thus is human progress achieved.

15 November
Installed a faq and the classic comedy links page.  Minor corrections to The Masterson Inheritance (cheers ’tess), a bit more info on Blue Jam (thanks Rich), the missing Molesworth page (ta John) and, joy of joys, a full set of dates for Radio Active (thanks again to Andrew B).  Also some new external links relating to Mr Christopher Morris.  Worked out why the spacing is wrong on the last line of every paragraph: the composer thing you get with Netscape Communicator puts a <P> at the start of the para but then can’t be arsed to put a </P> on the end.  In fact, if you put them in yourself, it diligently takes them all out again.  What a helpful little utility it is.  I can't see myself ever having the patience to correct this on 250 web pages so you're just going to have to learn to live with it, kiddies.  Sorry…

9 November
While visiting a mate with access to a fully-functioning university, took advantage of networked computer provided by grateful nation to actually have a proper look at the site.  Discovered non-functioning logos on most of the largest and most detailed pages and fixed same.

1 November
Repaired links to On Baby Street in the name index: thanks to Paul Baird for pointing this out.  Added some ‘external links’ to other people’s pages about a few of the programmes featured.

31 October
Mammoth uploading session (a lot bigger than I’d anticipated actually, I got a bit carried away): number of profiles now increased to something like 240.  Most of the new entries are either sitcoms or shows from 1997/8 that I hadn't yet got round to.  Also a couple of corrections to links which were pointing to the wrong place and pages which displayed the wrong entry: thanks to Andrew Burford for pointing these out.  If anybody spots any similar mishaps, let me know.

As a result of all these new files going in, the Name Index is severely out of date and likely to remain so till I find a less laborious way of editing it.  Apart from that, this site has hopefully settled down for the time being and future entries will mostly be along the lines of "moved a semicolon three clauses to the left on the Week Ending page…"  In between times I've also got round (after one false start) to informing uk.media.radio.bbc-r4 about the site, as a result of which over two responses have flooded in.  Must post something to the other relevant groups now it's technically possible.

10 October
Installed about 35 new profiles (mostly older stuff, and not in very much detail) plus altered versions of a few others.  Grand total stands at about 150.  I must tell people this site is here.  Some teething problems with the logo on the pages which have been edited: I put in the correct location and Netscape Composer changes it when I'm not looking.  Fun for all the family.

5 October
First entry in updates log: installed updates log (university education or what?)
Also installed front page,  name index, blank FAQ etc, plus re-jigged bombastic intro page (the first entries went up around a fortnight ago and the programme index has been sitting there for about a week, not that anybody could possibly have noticed).  Added four or five new profiles to the existing stock of a hundred-odd.  Also uploaded altered versions of around ten existing profiles and the programme index.