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We Know Everything
Radio 4
Series One 1995
Series Two 1996?

Quarter-hour show from the Late Night Opening strand, written and presented by Week Ending writers Paul Powell and Dan Gastor.  The show aimed to answer all the questions which nobody could be bothered to ask, either in the form of one-liner ‘fact-spots’ (“Why do we drive on the left, instead of the right?  Because if we drove on the right we’d crash into the cars coming the other way”) or by interviews with ‘experts’: the additional roles were played by Simon Godley, Clare Cathcart and Martin Hyder.  The shows were recorded live at student venues.  The material in We Know Everything was often disappointingly ropy, but there were occasional moments of greatness, including the solution to that age-old conundrum, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”  (The answer, apparently, is neither: both chicken and egg evolved from a common ancestor, a round egg-shaped creature with wings and legs like a chicken, known as a ‘cheg’).

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