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The Good Human Guide
Radio 2
Series One 1985 (six programmes)
Hour-long Christmas special, “The Good Christmas Guide”, 1985
Series Two 1986 (six programmes)
Series Three 1987 (eight programmes)
(possible fourth series??)

The National Revue Company’s follow-up to Radio 4’s Whizzalongawavelength, this sketch series featured the same core cast of Adam Wide, Babs Sutton, Phil Nice, Maxine Ostwald and Arthur Smith (Neil Mullarkey and Jo Unwin deputised in a couple of Series Three shows).  Arthur Smith and and Phil Nice had a hand in the script, but there were numerous other contributors, including Ian Brown and James Hendrie (of Dial M For Pizza), John Dowie (The World of Dowie), Mark Steel (The Mark Steel Solution) and Paul B Davies (Unnatural Acts).

© JB Sumner 1998, based on info provided by AR Burford.