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Radio Tip Top

Radio 1
Series One 1995 (twelve programmes)
Series Two late 1995/early 1996 (fourteen programmes)

An incredibly weird hour-long programme with musical interludes.  There were absolutely no recognisable ‘jokes’ in Radio Tip Top: the humour came from the audacious overall concept.  The show’s two hosts, Kid Tempo and the Ginger Prince (who never revealed their real names) existed in a hip, lurid and misogynistic timewarp, their style being cloned from the more excessive characteristics of early pirate and commercial radio.  The duo appeared to live, breathe and sleep in this hermetic leopardskin bubble, never once allowing the world outside to encroach on their territory; their station, Radio Tip Top, apparently even had its own independent and supremely groovy transmission system: it was broadcast “via the magic of Lunewyre in total Spectrasound”.  Amid various incomprehensible features, listeners were invited to ring in and predict the week’s “Tip Top Three”, an up-to-the-minute chart in which no record was ever less than twenty years old.

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