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My Life As A Car

Radio 4
1996 (six episodes)

Following Boogie Up The River, another comic odyssey from the pen of Mark Wallington.  This time, the subject was more ambitious, as the series followed its hero, Barry Harris (Phil Daniels) down the road of life from adolescence to late middle age.  Central to each episode was a car with which Barry had owned or otherwise been involved with during a certain period: the vehicles were not only a metaphor for the progress of his life, but made important contributions to the plot as Barry grew up, passed his test, went out to work as salesman for the family greetings cards business, suffered a near-fatal accident, found true love, lost and found it again, raised a son and ultimately, as the 1990s set in, was forced to consider the environmental consequences of road transport.  Among the supporting cast were Joanna Brookes, Chris Emmett, Sally Grace, Chris Jury, Toby Longworth, Sarah Parkinson and Sally Phillips.

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