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Second Thoughts
Radio 4
Series One 1988
Series Two 1990??
Series Three 1991
Series Four 1992

Sitcom about Bill (James Bolam) and Faith (Lynda Bellingham), a couple whose life together represents the second major relationship in both their lives, struggling to accommodate the demands of Bill’s affected ex-wife Liza (Belinda Lang) and Faith’s teenage children (Kelda Holmes — later replaced by Emma Gregory and ultimately Julia Sawalha — and Mark Denham).  The story is based to an extent on the real lives of its writers, husband and wife Jan Etherington and Gavin Petrie.

A television version, made by LWT, appeared in 1991 and ran concurrently with the radio original for a couple of seasons, notching up four series in its own right and ultimately developing into the spin-off series Faith in the Future.  Incidentally, Julia Sawalha, having taken the role of Hannah on TV, went on to play the equivalent role in the final radio series; Kelda Holmes, the original Hannah, had previously co-starred with her in the children’s drama Press Gang.

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