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Why Bother?

Radio 3
1994 (five programmes)

Peter Cook's last great project: a series of five spoof interviews, in which Christopher Morris (in the guise of an impatient and churlish journalist) interrogated legendary Cook character Sir Arthur Streeb Greebling about his life and work.  Completely improvised, these dialogues  capture Cook doing what he was famed (and mythologised) for: namely, turning on comedy like a tap, although the ten-minute programmes were actually edited down from approximately eight hours of rambling rushes.  One interview concerned the discovery of the fossilised Christ, an idea which had been deemed too controversial for On The Hour -- Cook duly takes on the premise single-handedly, suggesting that Jesus had been 'practising resurrection'. 

Commercial releases: a belated CD/cassette release arrived in 1999, inexplicably featuring EL Wisty (a completely different Cook character) on the cover. 

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