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The Alan Davies Show

Radio 4
1998 (six programmes)

After television success in two series of BBC1ís Jonathan Creek, Alan Davies ó formerly the star of the Radio 1 comedy series Alanís Big 1FM ó starred in this relatively straightforward sitcom, which he co-wrote with Tony Roche and Ben Silburn.  Alanís character, who took his own name, was a struggling actor (has there ever been a sitcom about a successful actor?), unlucky in love, whose relationship with the woman of the moment would go wrong in a different way each week.  Attempting to provide support, but generally wrapped up in insanely complicated problems of their own, were Alanís equally struggling friends, Murray (Alan Francis, a Big 1FM regular) and Kate, an unscrupulous junior school teacher, played by Ronnie Ancona.

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