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Radio 4
Series One 1994 (six episodes)
Series Two 1995 (four episodes)
Series Three 1996 (four episodes)
Series Four 1997 (four episodes)
Series Five 1998 (six episodes)
Series Six 1999 (six episodes)

Christopher Fitz Simon's wry chronicle of life in the seemingly quiet Donegal village of Ballylenon in the late 1950s.  TP McKenna starred as Phonsie Docherty, owner of the local hotel, and Margaret D'Arcy and Stella McCusker played the formidable McConkey sisters, who controlled the post office and, therefore, the Ballylenon telephone exchange - a major tactical advantage in the various battles and controversies which daily wracked this unassuming backwater.  Other regular cast members included Gerard Murphy, Aine McCartney, John Hewitt, Gerard McSorley and Charlie Bonner.  The continuity between series was notable, and when the saga finally came to a close in 1999 it had clocked up a formidable thirty episodes. 

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