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Just Juliette

Radio 4
1999 (four episodes)

Sitcom written by long-term collaborators Jennie Éclair and Julie Balloo, and starring Éclair as Juliette Johnson, the self-absorbed waning star of a daytime 'people show', who manages to juggle her career, marriage and motherhood effortlessly  (ie, she lets other people do all the work), at one point organising a meticulously-planned nervous breakdown.  Jeff Rawle (Drop The Dead Donkey) played Juliette's dull-but-dependable optician husband, Ron, and real-life media being Annabel Giles featured as best friend Corinne; the cast also included Balloo, Anthony Best and Martin Hyder.  Unfortunately, some of the acting in this show could best be described as 'dodgy', and the script was not a patch on the earlier Éclair/Balloo creation On Baby Street

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