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The Cheese Shop Presents: The Butter Factor
Radio 4
Series One 1997 (apparently four half-hour programmes and one quarter-hour)
Series Two 1998 (six programmes)
Series Three 1999 (six programmes)

‘The Cheese Shop’ is the collective pseudonym (under which they used to appear frequently in the Week Ending writers’ credits) of six young writer-performers who emerged from Warwick University: Gerard Foster, Dave Lamb, Gordon Southern, Tim Verrinder, Ben Ward and Richard Webb.  The Butter Factor is a showcase for traditional, revue-based character and sketch comedy: it hit its stride in the second series, memorable for a running gag about a stratospherically inexperienced vet (“‘Tortoise’, you say?  Hmm… I must write that down…”)  Series Three carried on in the same vein and saw the return of numerous by-now familiar characters, including fascist functionary Miles Stoat, coke-addled songwriter Ted Ruby, and pyromaniac radio gardener Jack Finsborough.  Concurrently with this project, half of the Cheese Shop has (have?) entered the world of Saturday-morning children’s TV under another nom de guerre, ‘The Men In Trousers’.

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