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The O'Show

Radio 4
2000 (four programmes)

Sketch show developed by bringing together a gaggle of prominent young Irish comedians and their established material: the result, unsurprisingly, varied in quality and style.  This was by no means an Irish Goodness Gracious Me, although it did contain some good character pieces and a few well-developed running gags.  The O'Show's publicity promised "no nuns, no priests, no diddly-eye music, no potatoes and no cabbage" -- although all these items were, in fact, very much in evidence, with a large proportion of the material targetted at Irish identity.  Perhaps the finest sketch, however, was a simple tale of bees cheating at Scrabble.  The writers and performers for this series were Jason Byrne, Colin Murphy, Kevin Gildea, Paul Tylack, Mark Docherty, Pom Boyd, Patrick McDonnel and Barbara Bergin. 

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