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Dan and Nick: The Wildebeest Years

Radio 4
1998 (seven programmes)

Dan Freedman and Nick Romero graduated from a long-standing residency on Radio 4s Loose Ends to a one-off show of their own, transmitted as a 1997 Christmas special and entitled Cold Turkey with Dan and Nick, which was repeated as the first programme of this, their first fully-fledged series.  Dan and Nicks comedy causes sharp divisions among listeners, provoking either love or loathing, as it is heavily dependent upon that controversial comic device, the pun (Who are you?  I am Death!  WHO ARE YOU?); at its best, when the jokes were flowing freely, the show was reminiscent of that cherished radio institution from the 1960s and 70s, Im Sorry Ill Read That Again.  Insects tended to predominate as a theme, with songs like "Live In A Hive" by the Bee Gees, and crime drama from the spider pathologist Incey Wincey Quincy.  Dan and Nick had no regular supporting cast and played nearly all the parts themselves, with occasional assistance from Richard Thomas and music by the Gents.

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