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Iím Glad You Asked Me That

Radio 4
Series One 1998 (six programmes)
Series Two 1999 (six programmes)

Almost the first new comedy show to be aired following the notorious top-to-bottom alterations to Radio 4ís schedules in the first week of April 1998, this series was originally presented by Gordon Kennedy (once of Channel 4ís Absolutely), with assistance from Philip Pope (the master composer behind Radio Active and countless other projects, here in a non-musical role) and various other performers.  It was billed (meaninglessly) as ďa six-part guide to surviving the milleniumĒ and was made up of observational material about modern society, with each show covering a different theme.

Series Two followed the same format, but had a new main presenter in the shape of Michael Bywater; Phil Pope remained, and the two frontmen were joined each week by Sean Meo and by double-act the Nimmo Twins, who all contributed material, and by a different special guest (including Jo Brand and Jenny Eclair) each week.  The bulk of the script was compiled by John Langdon and DA Barham.

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